i never thought by me getting hit solved anything tbh. all it did was be afraid of my father. my dad wasn't the type to just grab a belt and hit u on the bottom a few times he would usually get a belt with mettle rings or a long wooden ruler and hit me and my siblings. i always had a problem of peeing in the bed when i was younger and whenever he would find out i would get hit. now that i think about it i think it took me so long to stop peeing in the bed because i did it in fear of him since i never peed in the bed when i stayed with my mother.
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Did he hit you on the bottom, or just wherever he wanted? That can be the difference between abuse and having a strict parent.

Your dad was wrong. I agree with corporal punishment but only when kids misbehave. Bed wetting is an illness not a crime.

my dad never hit me it was always my mother i still have problems today from my child hood

For me if the belt wasn't close by, it was whatever my parents could get there hands on and if it was my mom it was her fists

I know. My mom was more interested in what was good for her and the plethora of abusive men that came in and out of her life. I was lucky enough to have a awesome grandmother that took care of me when my mom wouldn't or couldn't do it.

That's terrible.