hi, i am new here and i hope this is the right place for this.
i have a daughter and i decided that she will be get a spanking next weekend.

i have never spanked my kids before, but i really think its nescessary. my partner supports me in this decision, he actually said he would have done so a long time ago already. Elisabeth my oldest daughter is 11 years old and i love her a lot, but lately she has become more and more rebellous and very mean towards me and her little sister. grounding her, taking away her phone nothing works, and now that i found a report from school that she has been skipping 2 school days is the last drop. she will have to learn a lesson.

problem is.. i am not sure how and many people here seem to have experience on disciplining their kids. as a kid i got the belt from my dad but that wasnt about discipline more about him being drunk, thats why i never wanted to spank my kids but if i dont do it now i will regret it i am sure.

i dont want to hurt her, but i want this experience to leave a painful mark that she remembers so that this is hopefully the only spanking she will ever need. out of personal experence the belt is out of question.

i was considering using a hairbursh, or a pingpong paddle... a slipper or a cooking spoon is also avaiable. how many licks should she get ?
should i tell her in advance how many ? should she count ?
bare or panties on ? or over the jeans ? how do i know how many is to many ? and how do i know she isnt jsut a little actor that hasnt learned her lesson yet.

please i appreciate every input and advice you might have.
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Add me please darling

Kiss you Lisa. You are great mom, by now have you done it? how did it go, were you satisfied? I hope you send me a private message.
on case you haven't done it yet, here are my answers to your great question.
i was considering using a hair brush, or a ping pong paddle. Use a ping pong paddle, I hated that on my bottom.
how many licks should she get? I suggest twice her age if she cooperate with you. if she is resistive then 44 licks.
should i tell her in advance how many ? yes I tell mine like 22 if you cooperate, 44 if you don't cooperate, (makes it easier next time).
I suggest spanking hard and slow. If you only are going to do 22 then make her count and miscounting it starts over?
bare or panties on ? or over the jeans ? bare bottom,

I am in a similar situation as 3 months ago I began spanking my 3 stepchildren - instead of making them "wait until your father gets home" for his spankings.
so I'm just figuring out the best way to spank - without being as mean as my stepmother was when she spanked me!

I recommend a wooden ping pong paddle on the bare butt, one that is flat and less likely to leave marks like a spoon might. She might fight you so you want to find a position that's comfortable for you. Maybe over your lap with your legs locking her legs, if you are familiar with that. Spank her until it's clear she's sorry and her bottom will be hurting for awhile. More spanks without using all your might as opposed to fewer, harder spanks are the key to not bruising.

I would recommend a wooden spoon on her bare bottom. It stings something awful and you should scold her as you spank while telling her you won't hesitate to use the spoon again should she not clean up her act. Then comfort her and tell her how much you love her and how you are sorry it had to come to that but you had exhausted all other options. She will be upset but will appreciate it in the long run.

Oh and by the way it should be in private and you should spank till she is crying and you'll know the difference between fake and real

Before you administer spanking tell your daughter how much you love her, then give her as much licks with a belt as it will take to make her cry for real. Do not have her count, let her deal with just her pain. Wait for the daughter to regain her composure and ask her, whether she had learnt her lesson. Most likely she would reply in a crying voice something like: "Yes, mommy, please don't hurt me anymore." At that point hug and kiss her and grant her complete forgiveness without further timeouts, corner time, grounding or silent treatment.

If it happens the belt leaves marks or welts, apply the bags of ice on both cheeks of her butt, then apply lotions and creams. Do it in the evening morning and day until all traces of corporal punishment completely disappear. While doing so tell your daughter how much you love her as well as remind her never to repeat those transgressions again.

I always got spanked bare pretty much with whatever my mom grabbed.

Try the belt anyway, but use it in a controlled way, not like your dad, who did it when he was drunk. The reason I advise on the belt is because the hard implements, like hairbrush, paddle or ping pong paddle tend to numb the butt quickly on one hand and create deep bruising, which will take longer to heal on the other hand. The thin implements like switch, cord, wire tend to cut skin. I think the belt is the option by creating more sting at the cost of least injury.

If she did something wrong and every other action has failed then a spanking is in order . Why would you set a date or a day . This not an execution . I think 3 swats are plenty with your hand. . I think anymore than that it's becomes about you and not disciplining her.
Spanking should take place at the time of the bad behavior not when ever you get around to it . Then it's abuse

The girl is in need of a good old fashioned thrashing
I would advise a session with The Strap, on her bare backside, she should lye face down on her bed with a pillow placed to raise her bottom
The thrashing should stop when her bottom is tomato red
This should adjust her attitude!

Don't be too hard if first time, make sure to write story

after all the great input i will try my best to write a detailed report.

So have you followed any of our recommendations yet?

well i am thinking about it all. she wont be spanked until friday...and right now i am leaning towards a pingpong paddle over my lap..bare... and propably some corner time to give her time to think about it.

Back when I was 14, my mom used a belt on me for skipping school. I can tell you it was deserved and very effective. It wasn't on the bare, but I did have to take down my pants and bend over my bed. I got it good.

As kids grow it's normal that they have unstable personality and behavior. To be honest If I were in your daughter's place I would never forget nor forgive that . She is not a horse that you can just whoop.
I have never been spanked but my brother was and he lived in fear. By spanking you will simply make her hate you and be afraid of you .
You should have a talk with her first and make her realize that her behavior is getting her nowhere , that you will have to take actions if that won't stop .

The only talk this girl need is a chat with the belt, it needs to be hard, painful, and frightening...... Then it will be effective!

And then the girl will hate her mom and be scared of her till the rest of her life. If the girl is behaving bad that means her parents already made a mistake somewhere in educating her , which makes it their own fault.
But yes, yes they should just beat the kid because of their own mistakes.
Thumbs up for your way of thinking ! Do you do the same in your life? when someone acts not the way you like you just whoop them with belt ?

Based on personal experience at your daughter's age, I recommend ping pong paddle or a whippy green switch applied to her bare bottom. Start with the paddle...and let her know if her behavior doesn't improve, she will 'graduate' to the switch. Pls. message me.

Can everyone messege me I need info I've been getting spanked by parents to much

If you choose not to use the belt - understandable - then I would suggest the hairbrush. Absolutely on the bare butt with panties down.

what is the main difference in effect between a hairbrush and a pingpong paddle you would say ?

does baby oil make it worse ?

that is before the spanking right ? or during.. after ? i never heard of somethign like this

Its never too late but it really depends on on. You are the only one that will know when enough is enough and how the punishment should go. I use to get spankings while growing up. My mom used belts and hickory's(switches) She even made me and my brother go pick out a switch and if it was flimsy like a twig...you don't want to know what happens. lol

But I got spankings like in my younger years like from..7-13. I hated both belt and switch..ugh..it stings and leaves welts.

Slumbergirl92 messege me

hmm.. we have a hickory in the garden... but i think that would be rather awkward when neither of us can know the proper size for a switch

I would say that you should use a belt on her bare behind and give her between 10 and 20 lashes with a good amount of force in every lash.
I dont think you should tell her to count, she would probably lose count at a pretty early stage. In stead, you should count inside your head, not aloud.
If you need further advice, you are welcome to add me.

Please messege me Susanna

Well said Susanna

To late.. first, all 11 year old girls have an attitude and this will continue for the next 3years so get ready. I am blown away that you are planning a spanking also... not how it works and if you have never spanked before then the result is going to be a worse attitude and her rebellion will sky rocket. I believe in the belt and used it on my kids but not after 11 year's of not using it. Sorry mom but you are more likely to cause a runaway than you are going to correct a young girl going thru the change of life.

If you love her, you SHOULD punish her. Bad grades, rebellion, skipping school are reasons for o serious spanking, not a joke. She has to remember it for not to repeat it. My mother would have used a belt on my bare bottom. You should stop the punishment when her crying becomes regretfully, not a fake one.

do you remember the amount of lashes you got ?

If it was on my pants, usually 25 or so. On the bare bottom, 12 strokes were a proper ratio. As a teenager, after I reached the age of 14 years, I think that I got 20 on the bare bottom. Enough painful, but not unbearable. It was important I did not oppose in any way, otherwise there were more hits. Of course, there were some marks on my bottom for some days.

Hand spanking over her panties to warm her up, then make her stand hands on head for ten minutes. Then send her to fetch the slipper and this time panties down, bend her over the arm of the chair, between 12 and 24 depending on what she's done, then back to corner so everyone can see

is warming up really a thing ? whats the purpose ?

Hi how's u sir

why are you waiting you should spank when the child has misbehaved

she doesnt know i found the school reports yet.. and i thought if i do it friday she has the weekend to recover... of course without phone or tv etc.

have you ever spanked her before

no.. i have no expereinces in spanking anyone nor has she been spanked by anyone.

when i was 11 dad gave me 10-20 licks with the belt