Home alone

I was 11 when my dad left me alone at home for the first time. Side note, the only time it had the belt was when I stole, so I wasn't used to it and kinda thought that it was a one time thing.
Boy was I wrong!

"Behave, and do not, do not, touch the stove, EVER! Got it?" My mom asked me grabing my shoulders.
"I've got it, mom, you two have fun." I replied grinning at her fears. My brothers were both gonna be over friends houses that night, and my mom and dad were going out for dinner and a movie, so I had a good 2 and a half hours alone.
"I mean it! Don't let me find out you used the stove!" She said poking my nose. I crinkled it and replied,
"Yes mom, I know. I promise I won't touch the stove."
My mom and dad left and my brother Jason was about to.
"Have fun, lil' bro," he began picking up his backpack.
"Whatever." I replied grabing the remote. I had planned on doing nothing, and enjoying being alone but that's not what happened. I bet you think I used the stove, right! Wrong!
"Don't go outside." He said opening the door.
"Why?" I asked, confused.
"Didn't dad tell you? He found a hobo sleeping in the tree out front. Didn't want to disturb him tonight, he was gonna wait until morning so he can get a little rest, but he looks pretty crazy. I think he has a knife on him too." He responded Walking out the door.
Now, every indication was that this was a trap, but I had the mind of an 11 year old and could've believed him if he said the world was flat!
I was a little rattled by what he said, but ignored every sound and movement I "saw"/"heard".
But about and hour and a half in I heard rustling. I looked outside and in the tree in the front yard was a figure that was most likely a raccoon or squirrel but in the dark I thought it was a hobo. So I turned off the lights, grabbed my semi-automatic nerf gun, loaded it fully, and dumped out the trash on the floor in front of the doorway. You know so the "hobo" would trip and fall in the mess. :/
Anyway, it was about 10:00 and my parents were gonna be home soon. Of course I wasn't looking at the clock, I was looking out the window and at the door.
At about 10:10, I heard a noise that I thought was a hobo climbing out of a tree, but was really my parents returning. I turned everything off so it looked like no one was home, so I couldn't tell if it was my mother, or a dirty hobo walking through the door.
It was my mother.
I heard the doorknob turning and when the figure stepped in I shot at it with all my ammo, while screaming like a manic. I ran into the front yard and into the bushes to hide from the "hobo" In an attempt to escape the gunfire, my mother slipped on all the trash and fell on her butt.
My dad was checking the mail and heard my mother screaming, he bolted and I saw him running faster than he ever had before, and then the light was switched on. My dad was consoling my mother who was lying on the ground groaning and plucking nerf bullets off her chest. I came inside, and stepped around her to the bottom of the steps.
After she said she was okay and told him she could get up on her own. He turned his attention over to me. God I wished I was unconscious at that moment. His eyes had more fire in them than hell. You think I'm kidding. If you saw his look you would have had holes in your skin!
"You have 10 seconds to give me a reason not to kick…your…4$$ right now!" He shouted grabbing my arm and dragging me to my room.
"Dad I," I began.
"Wait!" He said throwing me in my room.
He left and came back five minutes later with his work belt on. Why did he have it on and not in his hand, you ask? We hated the sound it made when he took it off, and I knew it was gonna be in contact with my rear end that night. I tried to be strong and break down. He had his hands on his hips and had his eyebrows raised.
"I'm waiting!" He shouted. I started to explain. I got halfway into the first sentence when,
"I frankly don't give a flying *******!" He said, picking me up and turning me around.
"Dad, I don't understand?" I said looking at him.
"Nothing you can say is gonna change my mind about what's about to happen. You could have really hurt your mom tonight. I don't know what you were thinking,
But I'm gonna make sure you never do it again!" He said pointing at my bed.
I started to softly cry for two reasons.
1. And the most obvious, I was gonna be belted pretty hard in a minute.
2. He was right. I could have really hurt her, and I knew I had what was coming to me.
So I took it. Leaning over my bed, I clenched my blankets and prepared for the first blow.
They all came pretty slowly, about 5 seconds in between.
Crack!..... Crack!..... Crack!..... And so on. They were Probably like that so I could think about what I did, and the throbbing had more of a lasting affect on me.
His blows weren't harder than usual, But they were defiantly plentiful. It took 8 hits to make me break down and start sobbing, howling, and freaking out. I knew what I did was wrong, and I felt horrible.
I got 14 total hits and felt like crap!
I was told to apologize to my mother, which I had every intention of doing. When I went downstairs I could barely look at her after what I had done.
I apologized and wasn't grounded but didn't leave my room until Monday, cause I could barley look at myself, much less enjoy myself for a while.
When I told my dad the full story, my brother was grounded for the weekend as well, and had to apologize for scaring me, which he did not want to do, whatsoever. My mom understood that I didn't feel good, and allowed me to eat in my room for a bit.
After that I wasn't left home alone for a while, for a couple of reasons (LOL) but everything was pretty much normal again.
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You were defending your home as a good citizen should. Sorry you got spanked. Fourteen hard ones is a lot. It is good you have understanding parents.

Just a side note, when he says I don't give a flying (star, star, star, star) it's supposed to. Be ****, I put spaces in between so it wouldn't bleep it out, apparently it did

Thank you. It's annoying when that happens. Oh, by the way, I did think you had touched the stove. Probably because I'd have done that myself, and been spanked for it, if I had.

Sorry to reply again - but, actually, looking back to the text, it does say *******. It must appear differently in different places. Thank you for your stories.

No trouble. I like to know people enjoy my stories. Don't get me wrong it doesn't please me in that way, but people reply with questions all the time, message me if you want any specific questions answered.