Lisa just got her first spanking ever.

let me start by saying thank you for the support and input i got from all the messages. some were very helpfull other were... strange (maintainance spankings, diapers... wtf ???).

i am still shaking here... this was a hard an exhausting experience for me too. we all been sitting together eating dinner. we that is me my friend (we been together for 2 years now) my kids marieanne 6, georg 9 and elisabeth 11.
lisa has been very difficult the past months. she starts fights with her little siblings, smacking them and making them cry, she doesnt do her chores properly or not at all (even today she didnt lay the table like she was supposed to). she is generally mean and rude to me and acts like a little princess. however the last drop that brought me to this decision was her not being in school wednesday last week and hiding a teachers note about it from me.

during dinner i was trying to steer the discussion towards school.. and if there might be something they forgot.. or want to talk about, i have been building bridges everywhere. but nothing from lisa... instead my son told me he has to repeat his homework over the weekend since it was unsatisfactory... i will help him tomorrow with it.
anyway lisa demanded that i drive her to the cinema tomorrow afternoon, all her friends are going to see some movie i dont care for. i told her NO.. and that she wont be going anywhere tomorrow. thats where she started acting overly annoyed again and that i never allow anything and that only she has horrible parents.

well.. that was like the codeword for me, and i told her that i have decided that some things are going to change here. she was rolling eyes at this moment. i grabbed her arm and made her look at me. and i told her in a calm voice:" lisa, you will get a spanking tonight. i am not joking and this isnt just a threat... right after dinner you will be spanked. you wont like it one bit, but i am afraid you have been crossing boundaries once to much."
she wasnt really impressed and barked back why would she get a spanking for nothing. thats when i mentioned the school report i found. you could see how the color from her face vanished and she was snow white suddenly. she started stammering an excuse but i didnt let her finish. i told her to go to her room and await me there.
she was exchanging looks with her sisters.. and my friend, desperately looking for support. there was none.
i emotioned that i was gonna stand up and she left in a hurry to her room.
at this point i explained to marieanne and georg that lisa has done bad things, and that she has crossed the line. they will lisa crying tonight but not to worry, we love lisa and this is only to help her. they need not be afraid of anything. i hugged both of them, exchanged a look with my friend who asked them to help him clear the dinner table. they always help but today they were super fast.

i took 3 heavy breaths and then i made my way upstairs. lisa was sitting on her bed, suspiciously eyeing me as i entered her room. i asked her where she had been on that missed school day... but she absolutely had the nerves to tell me she was at school. even though i had just presented her a letter that said she wasnt.
i said next to her and grapped her chin, i made her look me in the eyes. lisa, i love you very much. you are my oldest daughter but you have made some bad decisions and you need to learn to respect me, my friend and your siblings. you are not the most important person in the world and today you will learn that there are consequences if you fail to act properly. - i am not a great speaker... it propably didnt sound that dramatic -

at this point she realized that i wasnt gonna bluff and she changed her tactics... she got teary eyes and told me how very sorry she was and that she will improve her bahavious... and that she doesnt need to be spanked.

i feared this... i know i am vulnerable to kids tears... but not this time. i was stayign strong and asked her in a calm voice to get out of her trousers. she started to open up her trousers.. in super slow motion. starting to beg and argue all the time. i didnt let her finish sentences. i just answered in a harsh voice that the time for apologies is over and that i know she is sorry but not sorry enough.. but she will be. and then we will try apologizing again.

when she finally had dropper her pants i pulled her close to me and grabbed her panties waistband. i lowered her panties she covered herself up, but generally nudity isnt much of a concern in our family. i got a lot of advice to have her over my lap... but that would have been to awkward, i am a rather petite person myself, and i wouldnt be able to control her like this. i made her bend over the bed and i was sitting right at her side. while she was bending down next to me i explained her once more what i expect of her in the future and what she has done wrong. i let her repeat what i said to make sure she absolutely heard the words... that she understood the meanign was the next step.

i took a deep breath, my left hand on her back holding her down on the bed and with my right hand i began spanking her... right, left, right left... i was alternating hits. to my surprise she didnt scream or cry. she was struggling but she took it like a big girl, i was very relieved at this and actually a bit proud.
however as the spanks continued and more and more hits landed on her butt which was slowly changing to a light shade of pink i realized how she was clenching her buttocks and gasping for breath.
i knew i was on the right way... then the walls broke and she began to cry... big crocodile tears. i gave her a dozen more swats then i stopped.

i made her stand up, and lookd her in the eyes. there were tears, but moreso there was this look i cant explain that said hd this "it wasnt that bad attitude"

i asked why she was getting spanked, she heard the reasons and was repeating them earlier.. now it was just an annoyed grunt "because i am a bad girl".
i sighed, i told her that she is not a bad girl but that she didnt understand some elemental rules of living together and respecting your parents.

she clearly thoguht this was over... it was not.

this next step is what i had contemplated a lot over the last days... and i finally decided myself for a slipper. good points were made but i was convinced that a slipper is more flexible then a hard pingpong paddle or spoon, and a birch or cane i deemed leads to injuries i wouldnt want.
i stood up from the bed, she was rubbing her butt and actually loosing her panties... she had no more need for them the rest of the evening, she was right about that but what happend next she didnt expect.

in the afternoon i had already prepared her bathing slippers and i reached for them, then i grabbed her by the arm, sat down on the bed again and told her we arent done here yet. in that moment her look of attitude became a look of horror. she spotted the slipper in my hands and only managed to stumble.. please mom.. no...

i didnt say a word but dragged her back in position, after only 3 hits she was crying this time... and trying to protect her butt with her hands, i told her that if she isnt gonna stop that i was gonna call in my friend to hold her arms down. i told her to grab the opposite bed side. an so she did, she knew when my friend was gonna come she wouldnt be able to struggle anyway. i rained down more spanks..alternating cheek and varying in heights, covering the full buttocks and upper thighs.

i havent counted but it must have been about 20-30 hits i left her stand up again and looked he in the eyes. i asked her where she had been that wednesday and under tears she told me she was at the lake bathing. i explained her that it is dangerous to go swimming alone, i then asked her again why was she getting spanked... she stammered that she didnt do her chores and because she skipped school and was mean to her siblings. i told her that was better.. but not good enough. so i put her in position again. she was begging me to stop and my heart was breaking, but i wanted this spanking to last as an example for a long time. now i gave her one big hit at a time, explaining to her once more what i wanted to hear from her. about respect and rules of living together, about not lying doing duties.
each of these hard hits was followed my a loud scream it must have been about 10. at this point she was promising to be a better girl and to always do her chores if only i would stop.
i gave her another 10 smaller rapid hits when her crying became hysterically.

she cried and begged to be good. i had already stopped hitting her for over 5 minutes but she was still bawling like the cute little baby she used to be. when she finally realized that the spanking had stopped she looked at me with a look of hope and fear, i had put away the slipper and raised her from the bed. she was still whimpering i made her look me in the eyes again, and there was no more attitude, she was truely sorry and all she wanted to be was being a good girl and to be loved again. i gave her a hug and pulled her towards me, we were holding each other for another 5 minutes, we didnt say anything but i think i have never been hugged so close before.

after that time she had calmed down a little and i explained her that i love her and that she doesnt need to worry about anything. its all forgiven and i know she will do her best to live up to her promises. and then she said what made me tear up. she whispered with a breaking voice "thank you mum".

i hugged her once more and told her that she i will look after her later. then i added with a smirk that she better not forget to brush her teeth and i think i saw a little smile on her face.

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you are good mom an you should be proud of yourself for spanking her the way you did great going

Thank you for telling this story here. I think you did just right. Your daughter will learn so much from this experience.

You are a great mother, spanking is very effective at getting the message through

Wish I had this growing up. Kudos miss.

Love you to add me

i loved your story

Well done

wonderful story. please add me

Your a good mom, can you add me to your friends, love to chat more about child raising with you. I am a mom of 3 too.

Good for you. I think you handled that perfectly. Thanks for sharing how it went.

I think you acted very wisely by giving her a well deserved, though not excessive spanking, hugging her afterwards and letting you know how much you loved her.
From this descriptin I can only say - for what it i worth to you - that your are a good mom!

You did exactly what was needed. I am sure she will learn from this and start doing as needed

I am glad you did not belt her. Too harsh for first time. Hand and slipper is perfect for her age. And they are easy implements to handle. I am sure you were nervous how it would go. I think you dealt with her perfectly well. A serious punishment but nothing over the top. If she is a wise girl you will not need to repeat it soon.

A difficult decision and choice as a loving caring Mum, but the right one and I'm sure she won't make the same mistake. I'm also sure it won't be the the last time you use the slipper

If you're lucky that won't have to happen very often. As long as she is aware it can and will if she pushes too far she will probably behave well enough to avoid it most of the time.

Do you think there will be more spankings, now that you have added it to the tool kit?

welcome to being a parent you did well

Wow. Very intense.

I'd like all the mothers in the world would be so brave and wise like you.

wow.. rough day for your daughter... but i guess it was justified.

I think you did a good job and handled the situation very well. I am happy if my advices have helped you.

Sorry you had to go that route but sometimes things have to be done. Proud of you that you stepped up and did what a real parent should do. Btw how old is she again?

Just remembered she is 11 I think you did a perfect job not to much but not to little. Good job.