The belt was one thing I never got, always wondered what it would be like
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It stings like a MF

It's certainly not to late to find out. It's better to have a sore butt for a few days than to just wonder for ever what it would be like.

When i got the belt it was across the nuckles, i used to smile when i was hit no matter how painful it was, used to drive the cnt mad hahaha i always used to think when i'm older your going to regret that, revenge is sweet

If you want to I have a Heavy cowboy wide belt & I can oblige you, you have to bare Your *** though!

The belt really stings on a bare bum & my bum was always bared either by me or dad . The belt can also leave red welts or blue bruises on bare skin , Yeah it burns like hell.

I remember watching my dad give my brother a good licking and I was fascinated by the red lines the belt left on his hiney. they were so straight as though they had been drawn with a ruler. When my mom gave him a spanking with the hairbrush there would just be red blotches on his hiney.

I remember too well those bright red stripes from a belting. Exactly as you say, straight red lines across my bottom. They faded soon but the sting and pain lasted for longer.

Wait till you can't sit for a month after one, even after the last three months and being 59 my father still thinks he is going to whip me, He knows I wont allow it that's why I moved away, Except he graduated from a belt to using firearms as a threat. That is until I laid the faces of his two friends that threatened me open.

when i was a kid i got it with anything my mom had close to her... but sine i hit puberty i only ever got the belt

did you have to bare Your *** ? wow on a blossoming hiney

what is a blossoming hiney ? not a native english speaker


i got the belt 3 days ago and i can still not sit properly

What did you get?

I got the belt from my dad, also got the wooden spoon, ruler, and hairbrush from my mom.

Unbelivable sting. It seemed your bottom was being flayed. And those stripes lasted a while. Dad's strap was my worst nightmare. What did you get instead?

Dad had a Heavy razor strap, hung behind the bedroom door. My bum was always bared for the strappings. perhaps he liked to see me bare!!!

like some one putting a red hot strap on your skin and it burns into your skin