When I was a young teenager, I developed a shoplifting problem. To this day I'm not sure where it came from; we didn't have much money when I was a child, and I certainly didn't get any sort of pocket money (my first source of income was when I get my first job), but I know plenty of people who grew up in those situations and never broke the law. I think it was just bad behaviour and curiosity to start off with, but I wasn't caught for a while, and in that time I got cocky and thought it must be ok because I was getting away with it.

I would steal chocolate from a shop near me. The layout of the shop meant that it was really easy to take chocolate without being noticed, and because I always looked very young for my age and was shy and quiet, I looked innocent and was never suspected. I only ever took a couple of bars at a time, so I managed to get away with it without being noticed for a long time.

One day, the shop changed management, and the shopkeeper was a different person to usual. I carried on taking chocolate, but the new shopkeeper was a lot more observant than the old one, and I think that pretty soon, he worked out what I was doing. One day, right when I was in the act of putting a chocolate bar in my bag, he came up behind me without me noticing and put his hand on my shoulder. 'Are you going to pay for that?'

I burst into tears immediately. I knew that what I was doing was wrong, but it had never crossed my mind that I might be caught. I didn't have anything to say for myself. And it was just my luck that one of the other customers in the shop at the time was a middle-aged woman who lived down my street and knew my parents, so she and the shopkeeper rang them immediately and told them to come and get me.

Waiting was the worst part, because I was crying freely and bright red in the face. I felt very, very silly knowing that I'd just been caught doing something that was obviously wrong and that I couldn't talk my way out of; there was no passing this off as a mistake or an accident. I didn't want to think about what would happen. I had actually got a smacked bottom three days ago for talking back to my mother, but that had stung for all of twenty minutes and I suspected that something longer-lasting was on its way.

My father was furious when he came in the shop, and when I saw the disappointment and shame on his face at having raised a son who shoplifted, I shrivelled inside. Him and the shopkeeper spoke about what he had caught me doing, and my father apologised on my behalf and paid for the chocolate. Then he turned to me and started to raise his voice. 'What do you think you're playing at? Didn't I bring you up better than this? Do you have any respect for adults at all?' When I cried and hid my face in my hands, he told the shopkeeper (and by extension the whole shop) that I would be getting his belt across my backside as soon as I reached home. He grabbed my shoulders and steered me out of the shop, and slapped my bottom hard as I stepped out the door as if to underscore the message.

He continued lecturing me as we walked down the street and drove home, with me praying that we wouldn't pass anyone I knew. The moment we got in the door, he moved pretty much instantly, and before I could so much as take my shoes off, I was bent over the arm of the sofa with my bared bottom exposed and vulnerable. He smacked my cheeks with his open hand maybe six or seven times, and then I heard his belt come out of his belt loops and my real punishment started.

It was harder and faster than I had ever been punished before; I had got the belt before, but always as a measured spanking with ten to fifteen seconds between the strokes. This was a beating, and he laid on strokes as often as he could, making me gasp and jolt forwards with the first few blows. After about five, the pain started to hit me - I had been too overwhelmed to notice it at first - and I had no idea how much longer I could take it. After ten, I knew I couldn't, and I wailed and cried uncontrollably. I didn't want to squirm, but I couldn't stop myself, and so some strokes landed on my upper thighs as well as on my bottom.

I don't know when he stopped, but I was a very well-punished boy when he did, the very picture of chastisement: tears all down my face, forehead and hair slick with sweat, deep red cheeks and an angry father standing by holding a belt. I was sent to bed immediately, without any supper, and fell into bed gingerly rubbing my buttocks and crying into my pillow. I slept from just before 6pm to the next morning, in the way you do when you've been completely worn out with a belt.

The next day at school was awful, and I wriggled endlessly in all my classes, though happily didn't have gym, so none of my classmates saw my punished bottom. After school, I was taken back to the shopkeeper by my father, who informed him that I had been belted soundly and was very sorry for myself indeed. I apologised to him verbally, and also was forced to write and give him a letter of apology, detailing why what I did was wrong and what happened to me as a result of it.

And I learnt my lesson well. That put a total end to my streak of shoplifting, because no amount of chocolate was worth that pain in my cheeks, and also because of the lessons my father taught me with that belt about respect for others, their livelihoods and their property. I grew to realise very quickly that what I had done was completely indefensible, and understand why my father was so appalled to find out about it. I later apologised to him for having to deal with a son who shoplifted, and I meant it, because I felt it was unfair for him to have the shame by association with a child who did such awful things.

I consider myself very lucky to have a father who dealt with me so severely and taught me respect, and I am grateful that his actions kept me on the straight and narrow for the rest of my life.
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Similar to my story. Your dad did the right thing. Like me it stopped you in your tracks. Good job

again thank you so much for sharing and I am sure if all parents the time to use the belt on your child's bare backside little pain and embarrassment goes a long way don't get me wrong I not in favor of beat a child but good spanking dose wonders my grand mother used to say that was why the good lord put that extra padding back there for yes spank your children for good reason they may not like at the time but when they have their own they understand and be glad you did it

Great story! Thanks for sharing it. Indeed you deserved a spanking but your dad should not give it in rage. Mom was usually that way and it was scary. Although her spankings were not so bad in pain I just freaked out when she started to swing her slipper restlessly.
Anyway it worked right for you, your time as a thief was over for good.

I also think it's best to spank calmly. The problem in this case was that my father knew from past experience that I learn best when my punishment happens as soon as possible after what I've done wrong, so he didn't have so much time to calm down! He still judged it right - enough pain to teach me a lesson, not going too far - so I think I can understand why he did it that way. That was quite a remarkable spanking, and usually they took place with a lecture after and a calmer tone throughout.

Same thing happened to me at the age of 12 with the same result. Only difference is I got the hairbrush. My life of crime ended before it had scarcely begun.

I learned for all the rest of my life that to steal from home has the worst consequences. There were some rules imposed to me with the belt and I never forgot them. I agree with all those people who confirm from their own experience that such lessons must be taught even today to the young generations

I never stole from my parents - I shudder to think what would have happened if I had. Somehow it would have been worse than the consequences for shoplifting from a stranger. I think in that case, my parents' shame and hurt at my actions would also have been a punishment in themselves.

yes indeed this was the way I was raised the only difference was my father was not wait till you get home it was right on the spot my bare bottom paid the price for my education but it was worth every lick of the belt because I did learn right from wrong and think more parents should care enough

I agree. I don't know how else I would have learnt that what I did was wrong. If just being told it was enough, then I would have learnt when I was told that shoplifting was wrong when I was younger, and would never have started. Maybe not all kids do, but I certainly needed the belt to teach me.

If only all fathers were like yours it would be a better world out there.

I agree. I know that bare-bottom discipline helped me grow into a better man and I often wonder what benefit it might have for others who never got it.

Be assured that. Lots of kids go thru what you experienced the best thing is getting caught and. Getting a spanking. And then changing your behavior for the future - It appears you learned. Your lesson well thanks for sharing jim

I learnt my lesson very well indeed. There's no better teacher than a red bottom.

amen you said it all brother

I am glad to help you giving you spanking is going to be part of your program When are you starting on this program Yes we can meet.at hotel that is -not a problem I like your plan about losing the weight - I have a couple questions - thecanserscwo

I think you might have meant to leave that comment to someone else!

Sorry if you got a message. Meant for some one else. Thanks Jim

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