The amusement park

Every summer we would get season passes to an amusement park, and I loved every minute of it! But I could be a show off at times when my friends came with us so that didn't happen much. But on my 12 birthday Scott came with us to the park cause he was my only friend with a season pass and my very best friend. I was having my party the next weekend at my house.
Anyway, like I said, I show off a lot when my friends are around. Especially, Scott. We both knew what happened when I showed off, cause the same happened to him when he showed off. That's kinda why were such good friends. We would sit on the swings at recess and talk about our siblings and our lives.

So it was 10:00 and we were gonna go pick up Scott, when my dad stopped me before I left the car.
"Listen closely cause I'm only gonna say this once. You'd better behave. Just cause it's your birthday doesn't mean that I won't take my belt off. Do you understand me?" He asked grabbing my shoulders. I nodded. I never wanted to listen to my dad or mom, for to that matter, whenever I had a friend over, and it left me with a sore behind the next day.
When Scott and I got back into the car, we were pretty well behaved until he showed me a piece of paper that made me laugh my 4$$ off.
"Ur brother is a piece of poop." It said. I don't know why, but it made me laugh so hard. My brother grabbed the paper from me and read it. He grabbed Scott and head locked him. I was trying to get him off cause he was embarrassing me and we were creating a ruckus in the back seat.
My dad tried to ignore us cause we did that kind of stuff a lot in the back seat but we were just to loud.
"Alright that's enough." He said nonchalantly. We ignored him and continued.
"I said stop!" He said louder, getting agitated. Still, we ignored him.
We were driving on the back roads cause my dad doesn't like highways, and I don't think he trusted us in the backseat. LOL! He slammed on the brakes and shouted really loud,
"KNOCK IT OFF!" We all froze for a few seconds and just stared at him, breathing heavily. He has somewhat of a short temper. We then unhooked from each other, and sat straight up and put our hands in our laps. We didn't want to provoke him anymore.
"My god, can't you ever behave?! I will turn this car around and we can all go home? Do u want that?!" He asked turning around.
"No, sir." We responded still sitting up straight.
He turned around and began to drive,
"Then no more screwing around, got it!?" He asked.
We agreed and for the rest of the car ride, we were behaved. But then we got to the park and we started again. We were messing around and my dad told us to stop multiple times. Once we ate, we all split off and did our own things.
Me and Scott went on every roller coaster there, as well as every water slide. It was awesome.
Of course, then we were hungry again. Scott wanted food,
"But we have no money and I don't know where my dad is." I said looking for my parents.
"You don't need money to get food here. It's so packed that we can sneak anything." He said, looking devious.
"I don't know Scott, last time I stole something it didn't go to well." I said thinking of my first experience with my dad's belt. The first one I got was the worst one I got so I didn't want a repeat of that.
"Come on, dude. U don't want everyone at school to find out your a wimp, do you?" He asked crossing his arms. I should have said no, But he was my best friend and I didn't need that going around school, so I agreed.
We went to a place that was open and selling candy and he went up first and snatched a bar. He ate it on the way back, and told me to go. I had a bad feeling in my gut but went through with it.
I snuck up to the place and looked back at Scott. He put his hood all the way over his face, was smiling, and gave me thumbs up. The security guard must have seen this gestures cause he snuck up on me while I stole it and grabbed me. Scott ran and got away.
I was brought to the little jail in the park and my dad was called.
Scott had found them and I saw him come in without his jacket on and he was wearing his trunks. He looked like a different person than earlier. I was so mad that he tricked me into that. (I later found out that he was paying me back for when I broke his brothers phone and blamed him. He got whipped for it and had to buy his brother a new one with his birthday money.) when I saw my dad he was way more furious with me than I could ever be at Scott.
Dad talked to the security guard to find out what had happened to me. He found out and gave me a look that showed both disappointment and rage. I knew I was in for it. At that very moment I wanted die. Both because I was about to have the worst spanking of my life, and I was disappointed in myself for what I had done.
Well, my dad talked to the guard, paid for my theft, and grabbed a hold of my arm. I was dragged out of the room and we went to the car. In between those two thing my dad was mumbling to himself, probably what was gonna happen to me. He looked at me and I heard him say,
"You never learn, do you?"
Scott was dropped off at his house and the rest of the way home was silent. Except for my brother grinning and chuckling at my soon to be pain.
"Shut up!" I whisper shouted. He just kept chuckling. In one of my earlier stories, I said we don't like to hear each other's punishment, I didn't say we didn't like it when each other got into trouble. 😏 (<--- smuck emoji, here)
"I said shut up!" I whisper shouted again. He ignored me. I lost my patience and jumped him. My dad had about the smallest string of patience which we just broke.
He slammed on the brakes again, we were in our driveway so it wasn't affecting traffic, turned around, and slapped us both really hard. Jason started to tear up from it. I was jut sitting there holding my face.
"My god! Get a grip on yourselves! I have no patience left for either of you! Jason go inside, and go to your room, I'll deal with you later," he was gonna protest, but my dad was in no mood, so he obliged. Mom went in with him as well. Dad just sat there for a moment and everything was quiet.
"Dad I," I began.
"You! You don't get to talk!" He shouted, covering my mouth.
After one final breath he grabbed me out of the backseat and dragged me into the house. I was brought up the stairs, and down the hall. I was trying to get out of his grip and run, but he was not letting go, he was way stronger than I was and he didn't even leave a mark, which meant he could have held a lot harder.
I was thrown in my room and my dad left.
"WAIT HERE!" He shouted going down the hall. He came back with my brother, within the same grip. We were both kinda scrawny kids. :(
"Make up!" He shouted throwing him in my room and slamming the door.
We didn't say anything to each other until my dad came back, and made us hug. He sent Jason away and his attention was drawn to me. with his hands on his hips he began to lecture.
"Hmm. I'm having a strange feeling of deshavu here. When was that? Oh yes the first time you encountered this little guy!" He said unbuckling his belt. I began to panic, my eyes widened and my heart was racing. I had experienced the belt plenty of times but it hadn't diminished my fear of it at all.
"Do you learn at all?" He asked stopping with his belt unbuckled.
"Yes, sir?" I asked befuddled.
"Really? Then why is it that we are back here for a second offense in theft? Hmm?" He asked pulling his belt through the loops. I put my head to face the ground, but he wasn't having it. He came down to my level and pushed my chin up.
"HMM!" He asked again, louder.
"I-I-I don't know, it was a mistake. Please forgive me." I said on the verge of tears.
"Oh, you'll be forgiven alright. As soon as this belts done cooking your behind!" He said grabbing my shoulders.
"I just have one question, did anyone make you do this? Or was it your own fault?" He asked standing up. I paused. If I told him that it was Scott, I wouldn't be able to hang out with him, and he was my very Best friend since 1st grade. So I lied, and I lied to protect my friendship. What would you have done?
"No dad. It was all my fault. I was hungry and we didn't have any money. I'm sorry." I said almost loosing my cool.
He just stood up and folded his belt over. I just stared, probably adding fuel to the fire. He stared back raising his eyebrows. He sighed and bent me over my bed.
The licks came fast and hard. I was quiet through out the first 5 and just crying. But then when the sixth one landed I lost my cool and started to howl, and scream, and cry. I got 25 blows, and I'll tell you one thing. I was a mess but the end and waited until I knew for a fact my dad was done before I moved a muscle. When I heard my door close I lay bed in my bed and just waited for the pain to go away. I didn't even pull my pants down. I just sat there limp and waiting for it to go away.

About two hours after my spanking my dad came in and sat on my bed. My pain was still immense but I managed to sit up to talk to him.
"How do you feel?" He asked rubbing my head.
"Like crap" I said looking away.
"I'm sorry I had to be so strict but I needed to get the point across. You understand?" He said making me face him.
I just nodded. He usually never accepted that answer but he knew I was ashamed and in pain so he let it slide.
"good. I don't want to have to repeat this, and I KNOW you don't. I'll let you rest. Dinners In an hour." He said leaving. at this point I could actually move enough to get into my usual position and waited until dinner.
I got my birthday party taken away, but I still had a quiet thing with my family and had presents and cake so it wasn't all bad. But that had been the most I was ever spanked. It hurt, but not as bad as my final spanking did. That'll be up tomorrow. Stay tuned. ;)

Just a side note. My stories aren't in order. My final spanking will come before my other ones just cause it's a pretty bad spanking, and recently I've been thinking about it a lot so, yeah.
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Great story thanks. give us more please. Thanks jim

Who's Jim? And I don't plan on stoping anytime soon, but I will eventually run out of experiences. Lol