Lies and underage drinking

This was the last time I received a spanking. After this I was grounded a few times, but I Think my dad realized I was to much, and he needed a different way of punishment. Let me explain a little more, when this happened my dad didn't have much control because of his anger and he may have went overboard. So he decided enough was enough and changed things. (Only with me though. My younger brother, and sister still got plenty of spankings though)

It was the middle of summer and I had been grounded for braking my brothers laptop. (I lost my tv, outside privileges, and my laptop was taken away until my brother got another one.) It was the last day of my grounding and was invited to go over my friends house.
"Dad, I was wondering-" I was cut off.
"No." He said drinking his coffee.
"You don't even know what I want." I said using a tone that meant I thought he was being unfair.
"Whatever it is I'm sure the answer will be no." He said looking up at me.
"Cameron invited me to a party at his house later, can I go?" I asked hopefully. Sometimes he let us off early if something like this came up, since we were inside a lot and he wanted us to get out of the house.
"Hey, I got it right! No." He said looking at the tv.
"But dad!" I whined. He looked up at me raising his eyebrows. "Why!"
"For starters, your grounded. And that Cameron is a bad influence on you. And lastly... What was that, oh ya. CAUSE INSAID NO." He said moving his attention to the tv again.
"For starters, you let Jason off his grounding a day early last week cause Jayden invited him over. You usually say yes if other people are around. And lastly, THATS NOT FAIR!" I whined again. He looked at me surprised and annoyed.
"I said no! I don't want you
Hanging out with him, now go away before I extend your grounding." I groaned and went to eat breakfast. When I did I got a text from Scott asking me to come over. So I waited and hour and went to ask my dad if I could go to Scott's house.
"Fine, but clean your room first." He said not even looking at me. Scott was within walking distance so I was able to walk there.
Before I left I texted Scott.
"Are you going to Cameron's party today?" I asked.
"No. :( my dad said no, cause 'he's a bad influence'." He replied with a crying emoticon. So I decided to lie,
To everyone. :/
"I am, sorry can't sleep over there cause of it. :(" I lied.
"Oh well. I'll be here if you change your mind." He replied.
I left and walked to the corner store and had
Cameron's brother pick me up. We were kinda good friends and I had spent a couple of nights there so I was able to stay there that night.
What Cameron didn't tell me was that his parents weren't gonna be home, so it was an unsupervised party. I spent some time hanging with him and didn't even notice his parents weren't there. They never paid much attention to us when I stayed there.
The party started and I was having a good time until someone came In with booze. They put it in cups and handed them out. I was skeptical but he convinced me by saying it was fine and the whole school was gonna think I was awesome. So being the basically social outcast I was I went through with it. I drank 4 full cups of beer and wasn't hammered per-say, but I was defiantly drunk enough to have it on my breath.

We were having a great time when... Wee woo, wee woo. The po-po showed up. everybody split up and bolted. I ran out back and tried to jump the fence but me being the weakling I am they caught me and I was arrested.
I blacked out after that and I became conscious again in the police station. Cameron was sitting there waiting for his dad to come, and he was horrified when his dad came in. He grabbed him by the collar and dragged him outside. I heard Cameron hyperventilating and apologizing multiple times. That snapped me back into reality and I started to get worried. My dad would not be happy to know I both drank and lied about going to Scott's.
He was calm when he walked in but when he saw me his expression so changed. He was absolutely LIVID! If there was a hole to the center of the earth I would have rather jumped into that than to be with my dad at that very moment. He talked to the policeman and came over to me.
"Get up." He said, showing just about no emotion whatsoever. I did. He smelled my breath and it defiantly smelled like alcohol. He brought me home after signing a paper, that I honestly have no memory of seeing, but he said I was right there when he signed it.
The whole way home was silent until we got to the driveway. He got out of the car and slammed the door.
"What the hell is wrong with you?! You lied to me about going to Scott's and on top of that you went to Cameron's party after I strictly forbid you to!" He began taking deep breaths, trying to calm down.
"Dad I-" I began but he cut me off.
"No you can explain AFTER I whip your sorry 4$$ with my work belt!" He shouted, bringing me to my room. He slammed the door and I was grown over my bed.
"Stay there!" He screamed leaving my room. I was left there for ten minutes and my dad came back with his work belt in his hand. I looked back and he pulled me up.
"Drop em'" he shouted pointing at my pants. I was memorized and just stared at him. NEVER had he ever spanked me bare, I think Jason got it once. He sighed and bent down to my level, unbuttoning my pants. He pulled them down along with my underwear and I was bent over my bed. Before I could react I was being whipped hard and good. He lectured while landing each blow fast and hard. I was a mess by the end cause I had never been spanked that much. I believe I got between 30 and 50 licks. He left my room and didn't come back for the rest of the night. I just laid there basically limp from my spanking and I just wanted to lay there.

The next morning my dad came in and sat at the end of my bed. I had gotten like 2 hours of sleep because I was in pain, and I was in no mood to talk. He tried to grab my shoulder and talk, but I pulled away. He looked hurt, we always were close and he didn't like my moving away one bit. I think this May be why he changed his discipline ways with me. He couldn't control himself much when he spanked me.
"*sigh* look I know you upset but I had to get the point across. Underage drinking is a serious thing! You don't understand that I do what I do for your own good." He said trying to touch me again.
I pulled away again and he pulled his hand away.
"Ok. I'll let you rest. Mom will bring up your lunch later." He said getting up.
"That's it?" I asked. "No grounding, no lecture." I said looking at him sarcastically.
"Not as of now. Keep up this attitude and maybe I'll change my mind." He said putting his hands in his hips. I sat up and sighed. I had been being a jerk when he was just trying to make up for what he did. I got up and hugged him for a second then laid back down and buried my head. He grinned then left.
This occurred when I was 15 and my dad realized I was to old. Thanks for reading.
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