Well as many of you know I'm pregnant, 16 weeks, and since the beginning I've been alittle bigger then most. I've also recently been having a lot of stomach pains so today I got ultrasounds and 3d ultrasounds to see the baby and what might be causing this pain, maybe the baby is positioned wrong or just stretching muscles..well then the tech stopped and ran for her "superior" and they tell me that behind my baby was...ANOTHER baby!! TWINSSSSS!!! He/she was hidden behind it's brother or sister! I literally almost fainted when they told me..they couldn't find the second twin until the 3d ultrasound because they are side by side and they're very little but my stomach shows otherwise lol! Name and info is cropped out for privacy!
MommyToPrincesses MommyToPrincesses
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014