The Six

“Six strokes boy!”
I heard a swish. The stroke landed, burning a stripe right across the middle of my backside. Sir lined up and landed a second almost on top of the first. I howled as the searing smart increased. A few seconds later the third stroke landed, this time on the top of my thighs and boy did I yell! My bottom was on fire. I could feel three welts burning across my bum cheeks. The fourth bit and the fifth landed. This was by far the hardest so far. I roared in agony. My hands flew round to comfort my stinging backside. I could see nothing now for my tears.
“Move your hands and get back in position , or I will add extra strokes”.
Slowly I resumed the bending position and waited.Then cane thwacked for the last time. I screamed as it cut deeply on top of the third, at the top of my thighs. I held on for dear life and began to sob.Great heaving sobs as at last I was given permission to stand up.
I stood there, my hands gripping great handfuls of my cane striped bottom cheeks, tears rolling down my face, while Sir entered the details into the punishment book.
Out of bounds during name.....Form 1b.......six strokes of the cane.....
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8 Responses Nov 23, 2012

I got caned more than a few times for being out of bounds.

Still the best place to cane me is at the top of the thighs where it meets the bottom

A moving story. I never got six of the best with the cane, but only 25 strokes the belt., I agree however: the lashes on the top of the thighs are awful. Looking back, I am very thankful for the corporal punishments that I got at home or at school. They disciplined me. They made me not to step over the line. They directed my steps. From your story I did not understand that you agree now or not with such painful treatment.

No doubt about it 6 of the best was a punishment to be feared a lot.

Thats the best place to aim. On naughty school girls (ladies) I like to aim for their leg Knicker elastic. It nips for days!!!!

I would have given you a 5 bar gate caning BOY!!!

My Headmaster liked the cuts applied in a two inch group across the lower portion of my bottom....

Instinct from the excruciating sting and smart

Just another 6 of the best administered by my Headmaster ....and even though it was 48 years ago when I was 12...I still remember every detail....

I will grant you that much...fine detail...for 6 of the best....