Polishing The Seat With The Back Of Your Shorts

Having had the 6 cuts I am back in class squirming in my desk...the maddening smarting sting rising and falling as blood drains and then rushes along my stripes..I try to sit this way and that...I try taking the weight on one cheek then the other...I try leaning forward to take the weight on my thighs...but the strokes have been expertly..applied right where I sit...and there is no relief...no escaping the smart of the cane...everytime I move I wince with more tears just a blink away..a caning just keeps on punishing the whole schoolday ..I have barely taken in any of the lessons which ofcourse has consequences..homework usually takes one and a half hours..but because of the extra reading I have to do it takes an hour longer..an extra hour of squirming in my seat and because my Mum knows I have been caned the cushion has been taken away...
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I remember those times very well but if mum found out I had to display the damage to my brothers then the following night dad gave me the strap or cane for getting caned at school.

I remember that. The chairs always felt harder after I'd been caned.


O I got that alright...stripes well layed on ensure that

Your Mum is just trying to give you the full benefit of the caning ...

Very thoughtful I'm sure...that hard wooden chair at home was just as hard as the desk's seat at school

Squirm a little did we?with the stripes smarting throb?

You know I did...2 and a half hours when all I wanted to do was rub my bum to get relief...but Mum watched me like a hawk to make sure I couldn't

Your Mother was perfectly correct in seeing you got the full benefit of your school caning ..I must say your distress is well described and I would guess this wasn't a one off occurrence

You are right there I am afraid...when I got caned at school Mum in one way or another made sure I had more to suffer at home....

Do you mean she would spank you?

Sometimes....depended what I had been caned for.....she had a thick wooden 18" ruler that she used on my legs and bum....and it hurt like nobody's business too

Up to what age did your Mum spank you with that ruler?.....and where was the ruler kept?

Stuartboy I have never admitted to this before but I was spanked pretty regularly by my Mum....and that went on untill I was 16...She kept me in short pants until this age too...She kept the 18" heavy ruler in full view of all visitors on my homework desk in the livingroom...truth is I was a Mummy's boy and everyone knew it

So do you resent the way you were disciplined..if you don't mind me asking

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I whine about the cushion but she just said it served me right

Well done Mum...

A very well known experience for me as well.

Just what teachers used to say

Sit up straight boy and get on with your work!

I know that same feeling bottomrubber - wriggling around on a hard wooden seat, desparate to find some relief from the burning discomfort, but in vain.

Wincing at every movement...my teary eyes all red and puffy...and those cuts just keep on burning...throughout...history...math....geography ..etc

..feel as sorry for yourself as you want but that school work must be done...or else it will be another caning

But how are you mean't to concentrate when all you can think of is a smarting b...u....m

It's all part of the punishment I'm afraid...the throbbing smart after a caning lasts many hours...I remember the nights when I couldn't lay on my back but curled in a ball not being able to sleep

Punishment with the cane entails all these tribulations

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