I Make Videogames.... :-)

i have essentially abandoned this site for the past 2 months , not intentionall of course but because i have managed to get my dream job. what is that you ask? I am a videogame programmer and currently i work on Ipad and iphone apps with a team of 9 other guys . You could definitely say that i am the traditional nerd. i have been playing videogames FOR-EV-ER or at least since i was 3 years old, my very first was mario bros.3 on the N.E.S and that game actually makes up some of my earliest memories .

Enough of my past though I guess( Though PLEASSEEEEE feel free to hit me up if you ever want to talk games) let me get to the madness that is my current life . I'll be honest we work ALOT. like a lot a lot i started this job nearly 2 months ago now and today is the second time that i have gone home in less than 10 hours. not to mention Last week we had an insane 22 hour grind fest in an attempt to finish a game...before the client decided to give us an extra month . How is working and to an extent living at work for such long periods of time a part of the dream ? well because truly working where i work to a certain extent we are family. that may sound corny but my coworkers are awesome , we have a stupid level of freedom and though sometimes the only noise in the room is the clatter of multiple keyboards more often than not the primary noise is someones blaring music filling the neighborhood . Did i mention my boss goes of beer runs on an almost nightly basis ? my company pays for dinner ( and sometimes lunch ) if we are in a particularly tight schedule . The dogs my coworker bring from home to roam the office.

but ultimately none of that is what makes my job incredible what makes my job great is my daily tasks list range from everything to making a visible Experience point counter for players to view to organizing and creating functioning UI's. for me a boring tasks is going through 100 or so models and adding a health bar to the character . Of course all of this is compound by the fact i am a nerd working in a den of nerds within 72 hours of diablos 3's release my entire team ...yes all 10 guys ( including myself) purchased the game...though i am lagging behind ( only level 4 lol ).

For me it's nearly the perfect job, a job where my challenges and daily completion tasks differ dramatically , a job where i get to learn as i work and i can feel myself getting smarter and more accustomed to our development tool kits everyday . It's incredible . Its not everyones dream job and trust me loving playing videogames and loving making them are two DRASTICALLY different worlds . I love it .

So yeah I got my dream job and as far as i am concerned i couldn't be more content than with what i have right now.
2horny4myowngood 2horny4myowngood
18-21, M
May 24, 2012