Slippered With The Gymshoe

There were many reasons why boys got the ‘slipper’ at school. It could be as simple as talking in class or being last out of the changing rooms. One or two whacks over school shorts with a rubber soled gymshoe was the norm, not too hard but hard enough to remember when you sat down. When it came to fighting, swearing, bad work or general laziness, then a trip to your housemaster's study was in order, and that was a different matter. Four (occasionally five or six) hard whacks were handed out with a large well-worn white gymshoe.

Friday afternoon was the usual time for a visit to your housemaster. Waiting outside his office would be several boys, all aged about twelve or thirteen and inside, voices could be heard and eventually the unmistakable sound of a slippering in progress. When it was your turn, a knock on the door and the word ‘enter’. Mr.W. would be standing behind his desk, a gymshoe lying on his desk. After the usual lecture, it was ‘touch your toes’. He never told you how many whacks you were going to get, but it was never less than four and these were laid on with gusto, the thick rubber sole making contact with the lower half of your bottom. It hurt like hell at the time, but quickly subdued into a warm glow, although my bottom was pretty sore the next day.

The gymshoe could leave marks and some hurt more than others. Most of the teachers slippered and often had their own personal weapons of choice. Our PE teacher had a large cardbopard box in his office, full of old gymshoes at his disposal.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

it seems p.e. teachers in particular were very fond of using the slipper/gymshoe," as a weapon of *** destruction"

Thanks for sharing brought back many memories of slipperings with gymshoes from my school days, especially from my PE teacher!