No Homework Again

Homework was one thing that I hated, I would put it off as long as possible especially if were not required till the afternoon. The library at lunch was always full of last minute homeworks even better if you could crib someone elses. I was always falling down seriously for not having completed and the slipper never loomed far from my bottom. Miss Howard one of my many teachers had got extremely fed up with my attitide to homework and made it clear that would be going home with a sore bottom that day.

Some other pupils were to see her at break but I was after school, which left me with the rest of the day to think about it. At 4'oclock I lined up with another girl and three boys, being the eldest she put me at the back of the waiting queue. First two were boys and I could clearly hear the slipper doing it's job on their bending bottoms each one leaving furiously rubbing their bottoms for all they were worth. Next in was the other girl who yelped as every thwack descended onto her waitng bum. She left with tears running down her cheeks and her hands clenched firmly gripping her punished bottom. As the last boy went in to seal his fate, the other girl stopped to talk, telling me it was only her second slippering and it had only been a couple previously, Miss Howard had dished out six and she was suffering it's intensity. I told her I would meet her in the toilets later. As she left the door opened and out fell the last boy, he was older than the first two and she had obviously upped the intensity to match. He was literally dancing from the experience. Last in, I spied the slipper on her desk awaiting it's next objective, she lectured me about my commitment to my education and her only options were the slipper or the headmistress. Which would I prefer? I opted for the slipper of course, not even I would elect to be caned and was told to bend over. I felt my skirt being lifted out of the way and knew it was time to pay for my laziness, unusually she pulled my knickers tight exposing more flesh to the daylight. Miss Howard was another of the one cheek at a time school which I found more painful to endure, each whack intensifying the previous one as each sit spot is punished. Six whacks of her slipper were more substantial than most and dry eyes were impossible as I made my way to the toilets to compare bums with the other girl.
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when i was young children who did not made homework are also beat on bum with a stick

Lovely story no doubt you deserved all you got, but i wonder what happened at home if news of your punishments ever arrived there?

School punishments never followed you home, so that was that when it was finished.

I have witnessed so many canings over the years that it would be nigh on impossible to put a figure to it. There is something very satifying about seeing someone else suffer particularly when you know first hand what they are getting, feels like. Other than my school days, when I mainly saw fellow pupils caned, I saw my female neighbour caned at home so many times. Seeing a female punished certainly had more erotic connotations for me and I was caned several times by the mother alongside her. They were quite hard canings but for me the pain was dampened by her presence. I suppose it was more a sexual response although I don't remember it being like that at the time.

You were never far from being punished even in someone else's house, so when the neigbour caned her daughter you were caned as well

Punishments were 'ten a penny' so it would have been very difficult to get through life without being on the receiving end at some stage. That said, I know many people,my age, that seem to have got through childhood without any punishment at school and what I would call a 'minor slap' at home. Perhaps I was unlucky or just one of those children that had a problem following the normal rules. I was punished alot but I wasn't a bad child, a bit of a dare devil, but not bad. lol

I wouldn't say the were ten a penny but they were easy to come by, but if you could keep your head down and mouth shut it led to a more comfortable bottom

I take it you got lots of stripes to remember.

I think as a school boy that I had a permanent crick in my neck from looking over my shoulder at my bottom in the mirror so that I could see the damage the cane had done. lol I was never punished at home but I sure made up for it at school. I never resented the punishments that I took, some of which were fairly brutal, especially if the Headmaster was involved. Many of the canings and slipperings were painful and mostly deserved, others were over the top. Would I change anything if I had my time agian, probably not, but I wouldn't get caught as much and I would have avoided any trips to the Heads study. lol

Ah! Two ways of acieving hind sight.

How very true, lol

I love reading your stories, Ina1, as they reflect my own school days so much. I hate to think how many times the slipper or cane landed on my bottom throughout my school life and if I was to tot it up I think the figure would be hard to believe. I was at all boys school and getting through the day without some form of slippering or caning was very difficult. The teachers rarely needed much of an excuse and whilst the frequency of the punishments was a bit on the heavy side I still believe to this day that it did me no harm. Yes, it was meant too but it never scared(no pun intended) me for life. The sad factor is that whilst I was on the wrong end of alot of corporal punishment it never stopped me from doing wrong, so I just got more and more beatings. I wasn't a wilfully disobiedient pupil just a bit of a prankster that got caught more times than I should have. lol

I never went out of my way to end up being slippered I just got caught out by circumstances usually of my own making.

That's life. lol I don't think any of us go out of our way to get punished but we do get caught out and we know that the end result will be a sore bottom.............does it stop us?! lol Some would say we have a latent desire to be punished but I don't think thats the case. Mine, and I expect your, punishments hurt, some more than others but my real aim was not to get caught............I just wasn't good enough and that's why I carried on the way I did. I thought next time I'd be more cunning, but I wasn't, as the stripes on my bottom would testify. lol

I managed to get through quite a few days without being slippered but not many weeks. I think the longest I ever managed between one slippering and the next was about a month. The shortest time was about 30 minutes.

In reality I expect there were occasions when I went a few days without punishment, but not many. We even had teachers that slippered us, as a class, to, in their words, 'wake us up'. In one week I did manager 3 canings, 2 slipperings and and 2 episodes on the end of a bunsen burner rubber hose. For some reason I remember that week very well. lol

I only managed 3 canings in total at school, although I came very close to a fourth when I was in 6th form.

Slippering were a lot more common. I've been known to manage two in one lesson, two in a day quite a few times and, at least once, three in one day.

I got it on the bum three times as well and on a few occasions on the hand. I never managed to get slippered twice in one lesson though.

What happened was that, at the beginning of the class, a few of us were slippered not not having our homework done. A bit later, I was seen whispering to the girl next to me so it was out to the front, touching toes with my skirt up for another dose.

My friend Debbie was worse, she managed to get the cane twice in one day. In 5th year, she was caught proudly showing off two neat cane stripes she'd only just acquired to some others. I wasn't there for some reason. Anyway, she was off back the the Head. for another two. I saw her shortly after and the first thing the silly moo did was whip her skirt up and drop her knickers to show us the four neat stripes. She wasn't caught that time. She just didn't care.

Showing your stripes was always a risky thing to do, but do it we did. It was really the only time you didn't care about showing your bare bottom to the boys as well.

Having stripes on your bottom was like having a gold medal and made you the centre of attention. I often wondered if my everso frequent canings were more of a latent attempt to be the centre of attention. lol My female neighbour, same age, and I would always compare stripes, it was almost like a competition to see whose were worse or who had more. She always won the number of stripes contest but I think I just edged the worse canings poll. lol

We always compared stripes and slipper rashes. Very risky - but that's part of the fun.

I got caned twice in one day but luckily it was four on my bottom and two each on my hands. Slipperings and other implements were much more frequent but I dont recall getting 2 punishments in one lesson.

I wouldn't like to guess how many times I was caned at school but I do know that my bottom had a 'corrigated sheet' feeling to it most of the time. I am sure, that whilst the backside is very durable and heels quickly, some permanent damage was caused to the tissue. If I get caned these days the marks are very pronounced and the skin goes leathery very quickly.I only had the skin slightly broken during one caning but even though it had I still had to take a further three strokes in order to conclude the punishment. That one really hurt and when I mention it, even these days, I still put a hand back to rub my bottom. lol

There was always an array of the old and the new whilst changing for gym or games and not all of it was aquired at school.

I was never punished at home by my parents. I got a very sound spanking from a female neighbour and I'm sure if she had got her way she would have given me one hell of a caning. All my 'stripes' were gained at school and some lasted longer than others. It just depended on who was doing the punishing and the type of cane used. They varied so much in our school but the headmaster seemed to have the most rigid and least flexible cane. He was also a tall well built man (6'3" and 22 stone approx) and he always caned you with your trousers down and pants pulled right up so that most of the strokes landed on bare flesh. He also stepped into the stroke and as you were bent over his desk you had nowhere to go. He always seriously hurt me when he caned but he shook you hand afterwards and said 'well taken' providing you had taken it well. lol If you moved, stood up or put a hand back during the caning you just got that stroke again. God, I'm squirming just typing this! lol

Caning was always bending over with no support as were many of the slipperings though some did use desks or chairs and on a couple of occasions in the gym I had to bend right over a leather buck strategicaly placed in the middle to receive the gym mistresses stick across my knickers.

Many of our teachers believed it only right to give you your punishment in a 'free standing' position so that you would move forward with the force of the stroke. Without doubt being bent over something meant the cane or slipper strokes hurt a good deal more as the bottom had to absorb the full force of the stroke. Teachers knew this and some were fairer than others. I have always thought that girls got a raw deal at school as I expect many of your punishments were over one article of clothing or bare, whereas boys, in most but no all cases, got it over at least two items. Mind you girls are naughtier than boy's, so deserved it. lol

I never got it bare at school it was always across the knickers so I can't comment.

I have a female friend, my age, that went to an all girls school, and she never had her knickers removed but their gym teacher and the headmistress would both pull the girls knickers up as far as posiible to ensure that as much of the cane or slipper hit bare flesh.
That said if she wasn't wearing 'school knickers' I doubt her knickers would have offered much protection in any case. lol

I had to bend over with my hands on the seat of a chair to be caned. In class, some teachers told us to bend over a desk or chair for the slipper and other just told us to bend over without support.

My 'form' teacher was a fan of the slipper and would always put chalk on the sole of the slipper so that your bottom was covered in chalk dust when he was finished and he would also take a run up. Luckily we had to standing at the front of the class touching our toes and when the slipper landed it knocked you off your feet, but with the run up came less accuracy and I got slippered across my bum, my thighs, my hips and the small of my back. I think the worse place was the thighs, that stung like mad. My bum was numb most of the time from over familiarisation with the cane. lol

Most of my teachers were great fans of the slipper, it didn't take too effort much to earn a slippering. Not doing homework on time almost guaranteed an appointment with the slipper in some classes.

A slipper seemed to be part of the standard classroom equipment.

Nearly every classroom had a slipper in the cupboard. No homewory equalled a sore bum and you still had to do it for next time. Failure to comply a second time was a certain trip for the cane from the headmistress. Some girls tried it but not very often.

I totally agree. I think about 80% of our teachers favoured the slipper as the 'standard' form of punishment weapon. Others went for the bunsen burner rubber hose, Tech Drawing set square. or the 3' long blackboard wooden ruler. They all had canes but these were reserved for persistant offenders (yours truely) and anyone that stepped right outside the 'lines drawn'! lol Getting slippered was very easy and whilst this might sound brave I didn't mind it. That said I didn't object to the cane unless it was given by a certain teacher or the headmaster. I would take the short sharp shock over detention anyday. Most of the punishments I considered fair-ish but sometimes one might have been a bit over the top. I once got 5 of the cane, second week of senior school, (1 on each hand and 3 across my bum) for not covering a school book in brown paper. There were about 10/11 of us that got it and as it was only the second week the teachers had no idea that over the next 5 years my backside would be a regular target for their canes, slippers etc. lol

I would like to think we all learnt a lesson but that just isn't true. It may have made us pick up our game for awhile but we all slipped back into the same old routines far too easily. I think it would have been nigh on impossible to find a classroom that didn't have a slipper and cane as a minimum at our school. Both implements were generally on display as a deterent or it may have been for 'speed'. Punishments in the classroom were a no nonsence affair and dished out like sweets, not that we dished out sweets as that would have been punishable by a slippering. It was all very matter of fact-ish and over very quickly. It was only if you made too many trips to the front of the class or did something a little more serious that you really suffered. lol

You had to cover excercise books as well, no doubt when you changed it was stamped as cancelled and a new one issued. Susan a class mate got caught trying to get a second by reversing the original cover all she suceeded in was getting four stripes etched across her knickers by the headmistress

It's funny thinking the lengths we went to, to try and deceive. It rarely worked and like your friend I got punished and probably harder than usual because what I was trying was so naive. lol My other downfall was to try and argue my case...........big mistake.......never learnt..........just got whacked harder or more times. lol

She wouldn't have argued, I saw her waiting, hands on her head and legs of jelly waiting to be called in.

When I' tried things on' I knew that I was in danger of getting caned but it never worried me until I was found, or caught, out. Waiting for the punishment was the worse part for me, although if it was being given by the headmaster then the caning itself was worse. Most punishments were in class and happened within minutes of being caught. However on occasions you had to report back to the teacher after class and that gave you time to dwell on what was going to happen. I always tried to imagine the caning would be harsher than I was likely to get so that when the teacher said 'right 6 strokes' I had already convinced myself that I would be getting more and therefore the punishment was less. lol Waiting outside the headmasters study was a frightening experience as by reputation and ultimately first hand experience I knew the caning was going to hurt a great deal more. He basically caned so hard that it was brutal and I can understand your friends fear at waiting to be called in. The waiting was agony, his words of '6 strokes, remove your jacket and trousers' were agony to my ears and his cane was agony to my bum. lol

We always knew what to expect being told before going back outside to wait, it was much worse at break time as other pupils gathered to listen if a whacking was due or in progress. Jacket off and were your trousers down or off as well they would have heard all that outside.

I knew that a number of fellow pupils often made excuses to be near the headmaster's study when someone was to be caned so that they could hear the going on's. Our school secretary was always present for canings by the head so it was always a little more embarrassing to have to remove your jacket and trousers. Your trousers were always completely off and your pants were pulled up so tight that it was like an unofficial 'wedgie' by the head himself. I suppose by todays defination your pants were turned into a 'thong' for the caning. Having done that he then made you bend over his large oak desk, which would not move, not even under a nuclear attack, grip the other side with your feet 3 foot apart, minimum. Everything was on display to the secretary, which I didn't mind but any carnal thoughts were soon put to the back of your mind when he rested that cane across your cheeks to get the measure. lol I can honestly say that whilst being caned, or when I am the one giving it out, these days I do get aroused but that was never the case during my school canings. Afterwards there was a pleasurable aspect and that's when the school secretary really come into her own! lol

I meant that last comment about the secretary in 'fantasy' terms not reality! lol

I would have loved to see you caned on what can only be described as a bare bottom, though I may well have had to make do with listening outside. Being told what to do at each stage of a punishment always added to the tenseness you felt before the unpleasentness of the cane landing squarely across your bum.

I always say that there are 3 distinct stages of punishment, each as rewarding as each other, although I do have a favourite. The first is the anticipation, knowing that at a pre-determined time and day you are going to be in that familiar toe touching position. Obviously, the caning its self and lastly the 'afterglow' which only ever arrives about 10 mins after the last stroke has landed. Having a witness in the form of a mature female was and is a great bonus and an aspect I strive to achieve as many times as possible. Although it never happened at school, other than some gental rubbing of my bottom by a female teacher (very erotic for a 15 year old) I love being touched intimatley, during a caning. Not that I need to be any more aroused but I find the slow caressing of a female hand so intoxicating. I have mentioned my willingness to be watched whilst being caned and have been pleasently surprised by the number of ladies that want to watch me taking the punishment. There has never been a shortage of volunteers and I get such a buzz from it. If anything it makes the whole process far more exciting and drives me to take harder and longer canings. I think the schoool secretary got a kick out of seeing so many boys caned and she would have witnessed some severe thrashings to say the least. I know, from personal experience, that she herself took a caning from our headmaster which regretably I only heard but did not see! As an adult I still crave the sensation of caning and will until my dying day, but in the meantime I'm going to offer my bottom for punishment to as many females and any willing witnesses that I can. lol I hope to live a very long life! lol

I never wanted an audience when waiting for the cane, I just wanted to get it over with. If it were someone else I got a buzz of excitement beit a boy or girl.

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