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It was my first PE lesson in secondary school. We'd all got changed and the PE mistress had told us to wait quietly for her in the gym and expressly told us we were not to go on the trampoline there.

Of course, it was too tempting and Debbie a girl I knew from primary school, climbed on and started bouncing around. I didn't want to miss out so I got on too. I'd only been on it a few seconds when in came the PE mistress. I first I knew was a shout of "You two! Get off that now and come here!". We jumped off and walked over to her. "What did I tell you?", she said, "wait there". She went back into the changing room and returned with a large gym shoe - it must have been about size 10 or more. Debbie and I looked at each other, we were in serious trouble.

The PE mistress grabbed Debbie and told her to bend over as she was forcing her into position. With Debbie bent over, I watched, horrified, as that slipper was whacked across her backside six times. She yelled at every stroke and was snivelling when she was allowed to stand up. Then it was my turn. I, too, was bent over got my six, hard, whacks. That slipper stung like hell and my backside felt like it was on fire.

I was sore for few days after that and made sure I behaved my self in PE for quite a while. That was my first of many slipperings at school.

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I got the slipper quite a lot in PE in primary for a similar reason. We had climbing ropes but and were told not to swing on them as they weren't braced for swinging. It was unfair to put temptation in our way like that, of course we swung on them whenever we thought (often wrongly) the teacher wasn't looking. There was frequently half a dozen or so of us lined up waiting to go over the stool for her very large spanking slipper to be applied vigorously to our upturned little bottoms.

did you ever see this mistress slipper amy males?

Yes, several times, including my brother and my BF - usually along with me.

Ah! it brings back memories. Did you prefer a quick whack to lines or detention?

I much preferred a "quick whack", as you call it. Most of my circle of friends did. I resented lines or detention because they wasted time that could be better spent more productively and felt teachers only imposed such things to be spiteful.

Slipperings at my school were usually given with the victim bending over touching toes. Did you ever get punished like that or did you always have to bend over something?

In class it was usually bending over - touching toes or just hands on knees. I got the slipper like that many times. In the gym, we were more likely to have to bend over a piece of apparatus to be slippered or caned but quite often we were just told to bend over.

Our senior PE mistress was very popular with most of the girls since she was quite young and attractive and very outgoing. She was also quite handy with the slipper but only used it privately in the change rooms. Public smackings were always delivered with an open hand, usually across the top back of the bare upper thighs which were easily available due to the uniform. She was quite easygoing most of the time but if you played up too much you could expect 6 stingers across the top/back of each thigh just below your gym shorts which would leave clearly visible handprints for the rest of the day. She sometimes put girls across her lap in the change rooms for a really sound spanking. Usually 12 hard smacks across usually over gym shorts.. Sometimes she lowered your gym shorts for 12 with her open hand or 6 with the slipper. She never punished the quieter girls even if they mistakenly did something wrong. She was very protective of them. I had my legs smacked a few times and also had a few really good sessions over her lap. However in those days cp was not really an issue so all the girls just accepted it.

What was your PE kit like?

Green T-shirt/Polo Shirt, gym knickers and a little gym skirt that hardly covered my knickers.

sounds cute!

I always felt PE teachers hit the hardest probably because they were physically strong. I was caned once and the next lesson was PE. I was showing off my 'stripes' in the shower after the lesson and the PE teacher walked in. He dismissed the rest of the class and made me wait, dripping wet, without a towel until all my classmates had left then matched my cane strokes (4) with his slipper across my wet bare backside. I think that was the most painful slippering that I ever took. The slipper he used was more like a gym shoe with a fairly rigid sole and my god it stung. Perhaps it hurt more because I had just been caned or because my bottom was cold and wet. Either way it was the only time that a slippering brought tears to my eyes. What did I do after school, yes you're right I showed all and sundary my cane makes and 'bruises' from the slippering. So I guess, even though it hurt I didn't learn my lesson. lol

That was a harsh introduction to school slipperings! Six always hurt a lot and you must both have been only 11 years old - and PE teachers often slippered particularly hard!<br />
<br />
What was your PE kit like?<br />
<br />
Did you also yell at each whack like Debbie or manage to take it in silence?<br />
<br />
Did you both have to do the PE lesson afterwards or were you sent out?<br />
<br />
Were your red bottoms admired by the other girls when you changed back into school uniform afterwards?

Yes, it was very harsh but we had been deliberately disobedient. The PE mistress probably wanted to start as she meant to go on and let it serve as a warning for the others. It worked, although she'd slipper us for almost anything, it was a while before anyone else in my class got if off her.

I know I yelled too as I was getting it but I the I took the first couple in silence. We were allowed a little while to compose ourselves but then we had to continue with the lesson - which included using the trampoline.

The others all wanted to see what the slipper had done when we got changed afterwards.