Slippered By Prefects

Prefects were allowed to use the slipper at my school - a boys grammar school in England in the 1960s. I got it several times off a prefect. The last time I was 14 and the prefect was 18. I found it embarrassing, partly I think because he was not much older than me (at least compared with the teachers). Fortunately he did it in private. He was very businesslike about it and did the job properly - six hard whacks across the seat of my trousers as I bent over touching my toes. I managed to avoid crying openly but it really hurt and I was close to tears. 
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As far as I know the prefects were only allowed to slipper boys in the first three years (age 11-14). I never heard of anyone getting it off a prefect in the fifth form, still less the sixth form. Sixth formers could get the slipper and cane off the headmaster and teachers but it was always done in private above the fifth form, so I don't know of any incidents when prefects were slippered but it may well have happened.<br />
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The prefect who slippered me when I was 14 took me to a little store room close to the staff room which was often used for administering corporal punishment. On the way there he stopped at the prefects' room to collect a slipper. One thing I found embarrassing is that we met several boys and teachers on the way from the prefects' room to the store room and they realized what was about to happen. As we came out of the room after the slippering my maths teacher (a lady) came out of the staff room. She could obviously tell that I had just been slippered. That was very embarrassing. <br />
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The first time I was slippered by a prefect (at age 11) he took me to the prefects' room and did it in front a group of prefects who were playing cards. I cried that time.

Did prefects ever slipper other sixthform boys? Could prefects get the slipper?<br />
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Where did he take you to slipper you privately? Were boys ever slippered in the prefects room with other prefects watching?<br />
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Did he have his own plimsole or have to get one from you or someone else?

I was slippered by a prefect while a sixthformer at my boys grammar school in the 1950s for being caught not wearing my school cap walking home from school. It took place in the prefect's room with other prefects watching. I had to remove my school blazer, drop my trousers, I wore no underpants then, and bend over the back of an upright chair, gripping the seat in front to steady myself. I was then spanked with a gym shoe about a dozen times on my bare behind. Despite the shame, I felt I deserved it as after telling me to pull my trousers back up the head prefect lectured me on the poor example I'd set to younger boys. I never heard of a prefect being spanked though in my time.