Latecomers' Friday Gym Slippering

Occasionally being late for school was no big deal. Your name was taken by a prefect at the gate and, unless you made a habit of it, that was the last you hear of it. Those, like me, who did make a habit of it found themselves in queue at the "Latecomers' Friday Gym Slippering". I don't know exactly what the criteria was but twice in a week would definitely earn you a place. Some of my friends and I were regular attendees.

At registration on Friday mornings, those who met the criteria would be told to report to the gym at morning break. It wasn't really much to worry about, the "standard punishment" was just two smacks with the slipper although it could be as many as six for those of us (me again) who appeared there too often. All years, from 1st to upper 6th, were dealt with together. It's quite possible, likely even, that some of the younger boys deliberately got themselves on the list just so they could see a "big girl" get the slipper - although there were plenty of other opportunities.

At break time, we assembled in the gym. Some weeks there were only a few but, other weeks there could be twenty or more. The PE master or mistress did the slipperings. Very occasionally they were both there if there were a lot to get through. We just had to form a queue then, one at a time, go forward and bend over a vaulting box to be slippered. Girls had to lift their skirts to have it on their knickers.

My younger brother also attended the school and several times we were in the queue together. That happened the very first time he was there. I saw him on the way to the gym so we went in together. He was obviously worried and asked "Does it hurt very much?" I told him not to worry, it would be no worse than what he'd had at home, just two smacks across the seat of his trousers and, as it was his first time, it probably wouldn't be too hard. This time there was quite a large group, about twenty, but one vaulting box ready so they'd only be one teacher doing the slipperings.

We didn't have to wait long before the PE mistress came in, slipper at the ready, and told us to form an orderly queue. The first to go was a sixth form girl who made a habit of it. My brother watched, fascinated, as she pulled her skirt up and bent over the box. She was told she was getting six. I could feel the fear emanating from my brother as he watched the slipper whack across her tight knickers. It was really no harder than both me and my brother got it at home but, for him, this was going to be a new experience. After she'd had hers, the next couple were first timers and my brother relaxed a bit as he saw what I'd told him about it not being very hard was true. I whispered to him asking him if he wanted to go first as I knew I was probably going to get the same as the first girl. He declined and said he'd let me go first.

When it came to my turn, I went forward, lifted my skirt up and bent over the box. The PE mistress told me what I already knew - I was getting six just like the first girl. When I'd had it, I waited for my brother. I was able to give him a reassuring smile as he bent over and got his two whacks. He grimaced a bit as he got them but he wasn't too upset about it. We then went to join our friends in the playground.

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Waiting in a queue watching others having their backsides tanned must have been a nerve jangling experience. I would have thought 6 across the bottom only protected by a thin pair of knickers must have been extremely painful.

My school allowed us to get away with being late occasionally but every now and then they'd be a crackdown on it. When that happened, everyone who was late was told which classroom to report to and when (break times or after school) to be slippered.

strange teacher

God I'd hate this - having to line up with others, to be slippered with everybody else watching. If we were late, the form teacher would slipper you and you would be called to the front of class, told to bend over and normally got between 3-6 whacks. Girls were sent to a female teacher normally at break for there slippering.

Never thought of it that way. Just the way it seemed to have been done. It was very rare for more than one to be slippered but if it was, you went to the front individually. The walk of fate.....

The slipperings were no joke but queuing up for them became something of one. Sometimes it was just like queuing for a bus. It wasn't unusual, at Friday break time, for a classmate to say something like, "See you in a few minutes, just got to go and have the slipper."

This is the one of the realistic and sensible story in the corporal punishment at school genre.

There are many people on EP, with so many stupid unrealistic fantasies specially the males who says and claims that they were forced to ***** naked at school and punished in front of opposite sex and all that. But whatever they says it never adds up. No matter how old or how modern the school is still it can't be possible that any educational institution actually uses sexual humiliation to punish students.

I wouldn't discount the possibility of a few private schools caning on the bare bottom but only in private and, even then, I doubt the victim would have had to ***** completely. My gym mistress slippered a few bare bottoms (including mine) but that was in the changing room when we were already in a state of undress. Messing about in the showers was the most common reason.

Forcing a child to ***** and punishing him or her in front of members of the opposite sex is, as you rightly say, sexual humiliation. There would have been a public outcry as soon as the news got out.

We were caned in class, very often with shorts down and bare bum. Also sometimes in the dorm with pjs down but we were a private boys only boarding school and only had masters no women {apart from Matron}
Yes Ruth I do agree that there are many fantasy written. I am an oldie, being at school in the 50\'s when punishment was more than not c.p. Yet some members write about c.p when clearly they would have been far to young. Anyone under about 30+ is unlikely to have ever experienced any at school. Given the fact that they would have been about 9/10 before receiving the cane and that c.p has been banned in U.K since the 90\'s and most would have given it up quite a bit before that.
So those of you that bothered to lean their Maths will work out how this would have been possible.
BTW I think your stories are excellent

CP wasn\'t banned in private schools the UK until about the year 2000. It was banned in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in different years - England first then (IIRC) Scotland then Northern Ireland. Theoretically, someone as young as about 23 might have got CP at school in the UK but I agree it\'s very unlikely.

Something else I\'ve learned that might seem a bit strange was that more private girls schools, that used CP, than private boys schools kept it \"on the books\" until the bitter end.

yes, there would have been the possibilities for the bare bottom punishments as you said in the locker room.

Agreed - I just cannot see how at school you would be made to ***** naked for a thrashing. In our school, and most I knew, you were always punished at worst over underwear and males always punished boys whilst females always punished girls. You also had to have another teacher present as a witness which was normally the same sex but not always.

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A very touching moment to go before your brother! It does seem unfair though for the girls to have to lift their skirts whereas the boys got it on the seat of their trousers.

I suppose girls were not allowed to wear trousers to School when you were there. The same problem would hardly arise today if slippering were still allowed!

Thinking about it now, it does seem a little unfair but it never really occurred to us then. It wasn't as unfair as in those schools where only boys were slippered or caned and girls just told off.

totally agreed with you, Ruth. its really unfair when girls get with just told off and boys has to pay off

In those cases, boys got a raw deal but it often worked the other way round. Not that girls got whacked and boys just told off but that boys got a whacking (or the option of one) and girls got a worse punishment such as lines, detentions, or even suspension. There are several reports here of that happening and also of girls demanding the "right" to be whacked.

Whenever I got the option of the slipper or detention, I always chose the slipper. I can't remember anyone, boy or girl, choosing a detention. The only ones who might have done were the "goody goodies" but they weren't likely to be facing any punishment anyway.

Thanks for the link from 'Mass Caning' Ruth.<br />
A very desc<x>riptive account of what was so 'matter of fact' in schools then. <br />
You were on the list for a beating and it was given. The only question was how many and we could all work that out ahead of time.<br />
In my school, as I said previously, we were punished at the same time but in different rooms. We could all see who was in the queues and hear the sounds from the other side of the door but I would love to have seen a few girls in my year getting it. Particularly those good girls who were so righteous when us bad boys were up for the cane for smoking.

No problem. There is also the "Post Cross Country Punishments." in the "I Saw Caning" thread - I forgot to post that link before.

In those days, there was nothing unusual about schoolchildren getting the slipper or the cane, it was expected. I don't really like the term "beating" to describe the punishments I received because it suggests an element of brutality. I have no doubt that some children, in some schools were brutally beaten by some teachers but I don't consider I was. I usually had a reasonable idea of what I was going to get whenever I was up for a slippering. I know what you mean about the "good girls". It's very satisfying when some stuck-up little goody two-shoes finally gets taken down a peg.

As Dr Rhodes Boyson once said in an interview 'beating is just high class caning' - prehaps I've been reading too many boarding school caning stories,but I take your point.
I can read an account of a boy or girl getting the belt at home, as I often did. but if the story mentions the 'buckle end' being used it finishes it for me as it enters the realm of brutality

It would have much more fun for you if the boys had to drop their trousers. A whacking in the gym for me would have been touching toes or over the buck and we didn't uncover our own knickers your skirt was pulled back for you. I take it you were a regular for the latecomers slipperings.

Yes, boys should have had to drop their trousers to get the slipper or cane across their pants just like we did. It was much fairer at home because we both got it bare. It was the same for Debbie and her brothers and sister, they all got it bare too. I saw and had quite a few whackings at hers. In the gym, we also got it touching toes or over the box. Most of us flipped our own skirts up for it but, if we didn't the PE teacher would oblige. Debbie and I (and our boyfriends) were very frequent attendees of the latecomers' slipperings. Two lates in a week was enough to earn you a place and we managed that easily.

You got whacked playing away too. Sue's mum and dad walloped me and it was 100% bare bottom at her house. I should not have been surprised in later years to find out Sue had kept up the practice with my eldest and her two daughters, knowing that, I kept up the practice at our end though my hubby would not bare bottoms and threatened to paddle Sue when she complained.

I got several whackings at both my Aunt's and Debbie's. My cousins and Debbie got a few at mine too. They were almost always on the bare, about the only time I was allowed to keep my knickers on for it was if my dad was slippering me. I think dads are like that with daughters. Debbie's siblings were subject to the same discipline of course and, like me, quite often found herself over the back of the sofa with one or both of her brothers or sister. I did too a few times. I continued to be whacked at hers and at my Aunt's well after my parents gave me my last whacking.

ina1, something I forgot to ask you, how did you feel having your skirt pulled up to be slippered? I lifted my own but I think having someone else do it would feel different. Would you have preferred to do it yourself?

The end result would have been just the same,but I suppose until your skirt was pulled out of the way you were just bending over. I think by pulling your skirt back yourself you are presenting your bottom and saying wallop me.

I see your point. I think I was more a "go ahead, wallop me - see if I care" type of girl. By lifting my own skirt, I still had the illusion of having some control.

I was more of a do as your told girl, rather than see if I care. Whatever the system you were going to be punished across your knickers which was the point of the excercise.

Very simililar experiences for me to except the gym mistress used a thick ruler to whack naughty bottoms and boy did it sting.

The boys must have got more of a thrill than you did. This particular ruler was thick, wide and quite heavy, not the light flimsy thing out of your satchel it was more of a paddle in reality. it was worse than the slipper, but nothing like the cane taking to your bum.

Bending over and displaying my knickers to the boys awaiting a slippering, I do wish I'd done that now with hindsight. I did get one of those light rulers across my hands in primary school, but the only real use for them was for trapping between the desk and lid and flicking, the shorter the ruler the higher the note. I got slippered for that one. I've never felt the tawse, some say it was like an instrument of torture on your bum. Would you agree?

I used a ruler for flicking paper pellets - and I got slippered for that too. Like Debbie said, it can be a bit of a thrill to lift your skirt to slippered in front of the boys.

Did you purposely get slippered to torment the boys with your knickers or was it a case of lets make the best of it.

Bagpipes may hurt your ears but a tawse would dent your pride.

Some teachers were a little lacking with the swing and taking a risk was a lot less painful and even with them I always left rubbing my rear where the slipper had landed. Was it the policy like my school for uniform to be worn ie the maroon knickers for me or were you allowed the freedom of choice, I can't imagine which would have turned on the boys more.

It would make an interesting C.D.. Would you consider yourself the bottom of the class or would that title have gone to Ruth?

You mean "cover alls" rather than "skimpies" we didn't have the choice.

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Our only mixed age slipperings and canings were either after school having been told to report back to a certain teachers form room or when a visit to the headmaster was on the cards. Form room slipperings and canings were a much more casual affair and whilst the number of strokes could be as high as 12/18 especially if you jumped up or put your hand back, overall they were fairly moderate when measured against a visit to the headmaster. Teachers just called you in and you all saw each other go up and get slippered or caned or sometimes, but not often, both. If attending the headmaster study that was always done by age. You all lined up outside with the youngest, in term years, going in first. It was always said that the headmaster liked to warn up for the older boy's and over the years I can confirm, as can my bottom, that as you progressed through the school you got caned harder and harder. lol

Our headmaster never used the slipper, well not to my knowledge. It was only the cane and it would be a minimum of 6 strokes. Having listened to all those suffering that went in before you never filled you with ant coinfidence that you would be able to get through a caning from him. When you entered his study he would check his notes and the stand up and '6 strokes, remove your jacket and trousers, and bend over the desk. You had to grip the other side and he would then stand behind you and pull your pants right up your backside so that both cheeks were bare for the cane. He would then take up his position to your left and 'tap' the cane across your bottom to get his range. He was a big man (6'3" and 20 stone+) and always took a step back before lashing the cane down. As he brought it down from way over his shoulder he would step into the stroke for maximum impact. If during your caning you stood up or reached back you got that stroke again. At the end of the caning he always said 'well taken' if you had and shock your hand. You then dressed and left. All canings by him were witnessed by the school secretary (female-mid 40s) who had a first class view of your punishment. On one occasion he broke the skin on my bottom. It was the 4th stroke of 6 and I stood up. I therefore got 7 strokes in total with the last 3 across a very sore and wounded bottom! lol Although I only ever got a maximum of 7 strokes in one session I visited his study a total of 9 times but I am aware that some of my fellow pupils got over 12 strokes on occasions. One unluck pupil 6 strokes each day for 4 days and another was give 20 strokes in morning assembley and was then given a further 6 the same day for an unrealated matter. I guess I was lucky. lol