Slippered - Thanks Debbie.

My friend Debbie was very high spirited and was always getting into trouble - usually getting me into trouble too. I was getting only starting to get dressed after PE but she had already got dressed. I only had my knickers on when suddenly, she grabbed my bra and, laughing, ran out of the the changing room, along the short corridor and into the playground. Without thinking, I chased after her. She stopped almost as soon as she was in the playground so I caught her and retrieved my bra. I was laughing then too as we walked back to the changing room. It was just sheer bad luck that the PE mistress saw us come in, me dressed only in my knickers with my bra in my hand. Of course, she wanted to know what I was doing running around like that. I didn't know what to say because I didn't want to drop Debbie in it, even though it was all her fault.. I knew I was going to get the slipper at the very least and a caning was a very strong possibility.

Like a true friend however, Debbie spoke up and told the PE mistress what had happened. She was told to go and wait in the gym and I was told to get dressed and join her. The PE mistress had given slipperings in the changing room but never the cane. Whenever she caned anyone, she did it in the gym. It wasn't looking good.

I got dressed and went into the gym to wait for the PE mistress with Debbie. We were a little relieved when she came in because she was carrying a slipper, not a cane - things were looking up. She told us that we were both going to be slippered (we knew that already) and if we ever did anything like that again, we'd be caned. The she took us over to a vaulting box, told Debbie to lift her skirt and get over it. She then gave Debbie six very hard whacks with her slipper, I don't think I'd ever seen her slipper anyone that hard before. Her slippering over, Debbie got up from the box. I could see from her face that it had hurt - much more than usual - so I was fearing the worst as I pulled my skirt up and got myself over the box. Debbie mouthed "sorry" to me as I waited for the first whack. Then it came, much the same as every other slippering I'd had. It still stung a lot but it wasn't as hard as I was expecting, certainly not as hard as it looked like Debbie had got it. When I'd had my six and got up, we were warned again of what would happen next time and allowed to go - rubbing our stinging backsides. One day, I thought, I'll get Debbie back for this.

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I think you both got what you deserved.I also received the slipper at school and I found it more painful than the cane. Generally we were given the choice between detention ( 1 hour) and two strokes of the slipper . Most boys opted for he slipper.

We sometimes got the choice of detention or the slipper, especially in 6th form. All the girls (and boys) I knew opted for the slipper too.

And did you?

I got the slipper several times for flashing my **** to boys and for running topless across the sports field - in front on parents on sports day (I got the cane that time).

I wish I'd thought of running around the playground in just my knickers - or even without. ;)

At least Debbie said sorry :))

She's good like that. ;)

Wow, You know the first group on your profile and on Debbie's profile says "I Hate Women Who Abuse Men And Children" LOL

I don't know why that group shows first. We're both married (to men ;) ), we both have male friends, and we both know of men who are abused by their female partners.

this is really funny and something.....would you please care to add me. I am already friends with Debbie and I am very simple and decent guy, you can read my stories. Your setting won't allow me to add you so if you add me first than probably I can able to add.


Really really thanks:)

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PE teachers should have come with an health warning!<br />
Did your parents ever find out that you were slippered so often?<br />
Do you think teachers slippered you harder than most because of your repeat offending?

You're right about PE teachers. IME they did tend to be very fond of using their slippers. I saw PE and, more so, Games as an opportunity to skive - even if it did mean getting the slipper. I think Debbie just saw it as an opportunity to get the slipper. I don't know if my parents knew how often I got it but they'd probably have said it wasn't often enough. There was a presumption that, if I'd been slippered or caned, I must have deserved it. There were times I'd be over the back of the sofa, knickers down, waiting for another slippering and my mum would see the marks of one I'd had earlier that day. Her comment was usually along the lines of "I see you've been playing up at school/Debbie's/your Aunt's". Sometimes she got the location wrong but the first bit was right. I probably did get slippered a bit harder because of repeat offending but I think it just made it more likely I'd get. I'd used up all my warnings so I tended to get it for things a better behaved child would just get a warning for.

Yes all PE teachers I knew at school had a great delight in using the slipper. One in particular targeted me more than the others because i was never good at PE and games. My parents always backed the teachers 100% which I usually did deserve it. My parents got to see my caned backside as it always meant a spanking when I got home and a caning equaled a harder spanking. I'm not sure if I got slippered harder because of being a repeat offender albeit a reluctant one, but it usually meant more whacks.
Did other girls see marks on your bottom in showers in PE/Games you'd earned from a spanking at home?

I wasn't that good at PE/Games but I think I was targeted because I misbehaved so much. Outdoor games was just a skive for Debbie and me. PE wasn't much different but it was a little more difficult to stay out of sight. Debbie and I often sported slipper and cane marks which other girls saw in the showers after PE/Games. We often did a special showing for selected boys (and a few girls) too.

As 4 of the 5 years it was a boys school a selected showing wasn't top of my agenda. I had PE first thing on a Monday and hated parading tell tale marks of weekend spankings. Luckily I was t the only one.

I can't remember which days I had PE/Games now. It changed each year but I don't think I ever had it first thing on a Monday. I don't think I ever had it any time on a Monday in fact. I didn't mind parading my stripes or "slipper rash", I quite enjoyed the attention - especially from the boys at the selected showings. Debbie and I earned ourselves quite a few cigarettes from these exhibitions.

I had PE first lesson on a Monday for 3 years a mixture of torture and entertainment if it was others turn to display the tell tale signs. One PE teacher would spank boys using a cricket bat, though I managed to avoid that.

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I think it's always best to fear the worse then if you get a lesser punishment it seems that you have got away with it. That said I knew that a few of my teachers could hurt me more with a slippering than some teachers with the cane. Also their 'mood' came into play and getting punished by an angry teacher did not bode well for my bottom. lol

A severe slippering can be worse than a caning but the slipper was always thought of as a lesser punishment for some reason. As you said, presume you're going the get the cane then, if you get the slipper, you feel you were let off lightly.

For me it started off as a psychological thing and I must say it worked at times but as you point out a slippering does not neccesarily mean a lesser punishment. I also used the same psychology to convince myself that if being punished that I had been there before and survived and this wouldn't be as bad. Because of this I was able to endure some pretty hard slipperings and canings that my fellow pupils couldn'y handle aswell. Pain is relative but I think that my pain threshold is fairly high although that might be because I was punished so much. lol

When my brother got his first "latecomers" slippering at school I know he thought it was going to be worse than it was. He obviously felt it that first time but he'd had worse at home. I, being well used to it at school, would often grin to friends who were watching as I lay over the box waiting. It was much the same at home, my Aunt's or even at Debbie's if I had spectators.

You in just your knickers running round the playground could have caused a sensation if there were boys around. You were lucky not to be caned or at least Debbie was, she sounds like Sue, a friend of mine always smoking and always being caned.

You're right, we were both expecting to get the cane when we were told to go into the gym to wait. We were very lucky, and surprised, not to get it. The playground was empty at the time, if there had been boys around I think we both would have been caned.

It does sound like Debbie and Sue were from the same mould. She was always in trouble, just silliness really, nothing serious but enough to earn her a caning.