Winter Of Discontent

Summer was over
Autumn was gone
Winter was here
The school lights on.
Gloom was spoon fed
Only school and bed
Up the wooden hills
Technicolour was dead.

Welcome to my world
Circa 1973
Candles burned
And all we learned,
Was bed straight after tea.

Lips were sinking ships.
The rumour mill in overdrive.
Whispers sweeping thru corridors.
Keeping the story alive.
She's ex-police.
She's ex-SAS.
She's an Alien
With a Miss World ***.
She wore a leather jacket
And light blue jeans
Liked younger men
Though older than fifteen
Unlike Miss Griffin
She didn't teach us
Some boys had a mission
Get her to slipper their ***

Corridors were abuzz
with Miss G's latest ride
And old hippie Bob
Still had his bit on the side.
Standing by the stairs
For a glimpse up Sandra's skirt
Dangers were high
Her right arm could hurt

Welcome to my life
Circa 1973
My ten foot ****
Wanked into a sock
Still going over mothers knee

Sandra wore a pink cardigan
That showed off ample mounds
They weren't puppies
They were vicious hounds
Spent parents evening
Looking down her cleavage
And staring at Miss G's legs
While parents heard i was hard to manage
We heard she was brutal
From Discipline day survivors
She whacked the troublemakers,
the straggler's and skivers.
There were wagers
Who whacked the worst
Sandra or Miss G
On who'd find out first

Classrooms were cold
I tried writing lyrics
Drawing nude girls
From magazine pics
Found a girlfriend Susanna
Would I ever make her moan
Bitter winds blew hard
I was hard but never blown

Welcome to my World
Circa 1973
Candles burned
And neighbours learned
I was spanked straight after tea.

petebon petebon
56-60, M
May 23, 2012