I have a deep fascination with corporal punishment, in particular with corporal punishment at school. I love hearing TRUE experiences of what happened to guys (for real) in the "good old days". I run a busy yahoo group, and a new forum where CP Reminiscences are discussed. The new forum includes many reminiscences, as well as video clips of CP as depicted in mainstream movies and TV. It also has a facebook style chat facility, a chat room and a private message function between members. To be a member, you simply need to be MALE and be willing to share your stories and experiences, and leave your comments on the posts and clips. No lurkers allowed! As such a profile photo is required (I suggest an old school photo of you, so that (a) we can see you in our minds eye when you recount your tales and (b) this offers more anonimity - most of us are not recognisable from our school days! So if you think you fit the bill...... apply to join... it is free!
goodyukuk goodyukuk
36-40, M
Dec 4, 2012