Caught In The Corridor

There were rules regarding breaktime and lunchtime for all pupils that unless there was inclement weather you should be outside in the playground exceptions were made for the library, the canteen and hall area, toilets and 5th years had a common room. Corridors were patrolled by staff usually one teacher. Dodging the patrol became quite a game especially when finding a line of pupils already caught and waiting outside a classroom door for the slipper. More often than not we would avoid being caught but occasionally we were and found ourselves included in the line. I don't know why, but I was never caught by a male staff member and prefects would just push you out of the door to the outside. Once caught however you had to wait until she arrived then one by one you entered. Outside you heard the slapping of the slipper as it left it's impression on a bending bottom, the door would open for a pupil to emerge sometimes red eyed but always rubbing their bottoms. Your turn arrived and in you went to bend where instructed, up went the skirt and down came the slipper. As I was known to most teachers I never got less than the six which was normal, before leaving for the next lesson. If you were unlucky, as a lot were and one of the heads caught you. or found you in line then the next stop was to their office to explain yourself before being caned. fortunately I was never that unlucky.
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Oh how some teachers loved to wield that slipper- and knew how to do so for maximum effect! Isn't it amazing to look back and remember how painful that slippering was, yet the behaviors never changed!

lovely story ina
i was similar in school
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When one particular teacher was on dinner duty, that job was to supervise an orderly queue on entering the dining area, it mostly resulted with at leased one slippering, sometimes several. We can thank this teacher for pre-dinner entertainment.