Miss Griffin

When we were in the fourth year school changed from a boys school to a comprehensive. It not only marked the arrival of first and second year girls, it saw the arrival of a Deputy Headmistress Mrs Lucas and the infamous Miss Griffin. Miss Griffin was sex on legs and we were at the right age to appreciate what she had to offer. She was different to any other teacher i had known. She came with a biography, due to knowledge/rumours from pupils. She had a reputation which pieced together made her a woman of easy virtue. She was seen with a number of men, this was the rumours brought by the girls and it was a rumour that continued. I saw her out a couple of times with what appeared to be different men though i was paying more attention to her than the male. Ironically when i saw her she was more covered up than at school. The one time i saw her in beige trousers which highlighted her lovely ***. She was also a teacher who showed no interest at all in being liked. All teachers no matter how sadistic had a redeeming feature at times. Not Miss Griffin. 

Miss Griffin always wore a tight skirt, often red, and always above the knee in length. She had great legs. She was half caste and the only teacher i had who wasn't white. She was 5 feet 8 inches tall and as stern as hell. She had a brummie accent and i believe she was about 34 at the time. She had a list of rules that must be obeyed.
1. Be on time for class. Being late would get you the slipper.
2. No talking in class-re:slipper.
3. Homework to be handed in on time-re:slipper
4. Punishment would take place in front of the class. There was no stay behind after class or see me after school.
5. All punishment would be dished out with pupils own slipper.
6. If given lines-all lines must be written out neatly and handed in the following morning before first class.
The punishment like many teachers I knew was more a spectacle/ritual. Pupil had to bend over her desk, after first having to clear aforementioned desk. Miss Griffin would give more whacks than male teachers, I presume because she didn't whack as hard as a male teacher. She didn't whack as hard as Mrs Campbell but she still made your *** sting.

With the cane being prevalent and a number of male teachers being in the sadistic bracket, Miss Griffin didn't get the overall reputation she probably deserved. With our pain threshold not as high as we liked to think it was there was always more feared teachers. Miss Griffin was probably the only teacher the boys wanked off to. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

Miss Griffin though understood us as well as any teacher. She came from a concrete estate in Birmingham. She'd worked hard to get away from her childhood but she never forgot where she came from. So her accent and alleged promiscuous antics where parts of her background she was happy not to lose. Some said she had been divorced but that may have been speculation. 

She wasn't a teacher to send you to a feared male teacher. She dealt with everything in house. I was slippered by her a few times but in honest the casualty rate was high. I was slippered by her a few times, for being late, talking in class mostly i guess and once for giving an answer to a question that was so way of the mark and she thought i was deliberately trying to be funny when in all honesty i was thick on that occasion. If she slippered say two boys for turning up late to class she would make one sit down in his chair first while she dealt with the other.

Like I said i got the slipper a few times off Miss Griffin. If i was caught talking in class say, she would always finish the sentence or conversation and then return to the incident.

'What have i told you about talking in class. Would you like to share with all of us what was so interesting?"

"Nothing Miss."

"Important enough to interrupt my class."

"She's got hot legs," became "Did you watch the football?"

She would talk sternly to pupils and was not averse to shouting at us like a demented brummie.

I was called out to the front of the class which I always found embarrassing. Punishments should be done in private, least mine should. Always enjoyable watching others get punished. I would then have to clear the desk placing it's contents on her chair. Then she would order me to take off my right footed pump. Having to bend down to undo the laces, I took it off and handed the pump to Miss Griffin. I would then lay across the desk and she would lift up my blazer. You always got a good look at her 'hot legs' when she was slippering someone. Not to mention her arse in a tight skirt. The only place you wouldn't want to be was bent over her desk not copping an eyeful. She swung and hit erratically, spraying my pump all over my backside and back of my legs. With a stinging backside i'd return red arsed/faced to my seat.

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Some of my teachers had the same set of rules and slippered us for breaking them. The only difference was that they used their own slippers.

Most teachers at my school men and women had size 12 trainers kept in their desk. It was very rare for a teacher not to have their own punishment slipper.

Not all my teachers used the slipper but those that did supplied their own size twelves. Very rarely, we were sent to borrow a slipper off another teacher then had to return it after being slippered.

Nearly all the teachers at my school had their own slipper

It was the same at my school. They probably kept spares as well.

They seemed to have 2 for each pupil

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Could the girls who joined the school in the lower years also get the slipper from Miss Griffin or Mrs Cambell or other teachers?

Miss Griffin and other female teachers could slipper girls. Male teachers couldn't.

I thought it was daft because the female teachers I had knew how to use a slipper.

To be honest most teachers male or female were always primed to use the slipper it was as normal at school as the furniture and parents always backed teachers.

I noticed that female teachers slippered harder too. That might be why some schools didn't allow men to slipper girls - they were too soft on them.

In my experience all but one female teacher i knew could slipper as hard as most male teachers

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