No Homework Again

Homework was one thing that I hated, I would put it off as long as possible especially if were not required till the afternoon. The library at lunch was always full of last minute homeworks even better if you could crib someone elses. I was always falling down seriously for not having completed and the slipper never loomed far from my bottom. Miss Howard one of my many teachers had got extremely fed up with my attitide to homework and made it clear that would be going home with a sore bottom that day.
Some other pupils were to see her at break but I was after school, which left me with the rest of the day to think about it. At 4'oclock I lined up with another girl and three boys, being the eldest she put me at the back of the waiting queue. First two were boys and I could clearly hear the slipper doing it's job on their bending bottoms each one leaving furiously rubbing their bottoms for all they were worth. Next in was the other girl who yelped as every thwack descended onto her waitng bum. She left with tears running down her cheeks and her hands clenched firmly gripping her punished bottom. As the last boy went in to seal his fate, the other girl stopped to talk, telling me it was only her second slippering and it had only been a couple previously, Miss Howard had dished out six and she was suffering it's intensity. I told her I would meet her in the toilets later. As she left the door opened and out fell the last boy, he was older than the first two and she had obviously upped the intensity to match. He was literally dancing from the experience. Last in, I spied the slipper on her desk awaiting it's next objective, she lectured me about my commitment to my education and her only options were the slipper or the headmistress. Which would I prefer? I opted for the slipper of course, not even I would elect to be caned and was told to bend over. I felt my skirt being lifted out of the way and knew it was time to pay for my laziness, unusually she pulled my knickers tight exposing more flesh to the daylight. Miss Howard was another of the one cheek at a time school which I found more painful to endure, each whack intensifying the previous one as each sit spot is punished. Six whacks of her slipper were more substantial than most and dry eyes were impossible as I made my way to the toilets to compare bums with the other girl.
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I was once given a punishment essay for messing about in a Latin class. I wrote the essay but the teacher didn't ask me for it and after a week or more I stupidly tore it up. Next lesson he finally asked me for it, and I had to mumble something about having left it at home. He was quite entitled to send me to be caned, but he just told me to give him the essay next day, which I did.

Of course it would have been better all round if I had been slippered for my original offence. But the only cp at my school was the headmaster's cane.

Late homework was the reason for a lot of slipperings. Almost every time homework was due in they'd be half a dozen or so getting the slipper for not having it done. I was a regular for it.

Teachers varied in attitude to homework. Some never even set any, others would pursue the evaders relentlessly.
In theory, failing to hand in homework meant the cane, but this was very rare in practice.
On day, a certain teacher, exasperated by growing homework arrears, decided to have a crack down and strode in with the homework register - and the strap.
He went through the register, in which he ticked off each homework handed in and everybody who was not up to date got a whallop for each missing homework.
Unusually for me, on this occasion, I was up to date although had he decided to do this the previous week, I'd have been for it!

Some of my teachers just told me to bring to the next lesson when I hadn't done my homework. Others gave me the slipper every time.

We were told to bring it next time, not to would involve a trip for the cane, the slipper would not be an option.

If we didn't bring it next time, we got the slipper - again. Ultimately we probably would have got the cane but a couple of slipperings was enough to convince us we needed to do it.

A number did try, they were all caned both boys and girls.

Did they try again and were you one of them?

As far as I remember no-one tried it twice, I did get the cane but never for no homework completed, though I was slippered a lot for handing it in late. How about you?

I did homework set by teachers who would slipper me for handing it in late first. That set by teachers who would just tell me to bring it next time got left until I'd done more important things - like watching TV or going out with friends. As a result, it often piled up and I ended up getting the slipper several times for handing homework in late.

Was it the classic touch your toes across the knickers slippering you got? Fortunately we were caned or slippered in private. Only once did I get slippered in front of a class of young girls.

Touch toes or over a desk and slippered across our knickers, it varied with different teachers. Some did it straight away, in front of the class, and others told us to report back at break time or after school.

Slippered across your knickers in front of the class, that must have been embarrasing especially if boys were present. Did you ever get the cane?

It was a bit embarrassing but we got to see boys get the slipper too so it sort of evened out.

I got the cane a few times for the usual things - smoking, fighting, going out of bounds, skiving and "inappropriate" behaviour with boys.

I love to watch the boys get slippered in class, it was a regular highlight in a dull lesson. We could only listen to the cane being applied which was great as long as it was someone else on the receiving end and not so good when it was me. Boy did that cane smart across my knickers.

I liked to watch whenever anyone was getting the slipper - boys or girls. Like you say, it brightened up a dull lesson.

Canings were all done in private so we could only listen to others getting it - usually while waiting in the queue to have it.

Slipperings were a daily occurrence but canings were a lot rarer. Most involved a group caught smoking or involved in a fight. We'd all get a lecture first then all but one were sent out to wait their turn to go in to be caned.

The slipper across my knickers stung but the cane was a whole new level - it really burned.

The only time I was in a queue for the cane was my first school caning for being involved in a fight, only three of us and I was third in line. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park as the first girl emerged and tried to smile, my cousin went in second and the reality of other canings I'd heard hit home, I was petrified and with good reason as she screamed the room down. I reluctantly entered after her and saw the cane on the desk, the rest is history and you are right, my arse was on fire.
"Inappropriate behaviour with boys" tell me more.

All my canings were as a member of a group. I usually had to queue for the slipper too as I was usually involved with another or others, talking in class for example. There were usually a few of us who hadn't done our homework too.

I think you can guess what "inappropriate behaviour with boys" means. ;) I was caught a few times having a snog and a grope with a boy - often in areas that were out of bounds. We never got to see each other caned though, canings were always in private. If we were lucky (or less unlucky) the teacher who caught us would just take us to a classroom and give us both the slipper together.

Did you ever show off your caned bum to others, we did. It's odd that keeping your knickers hidden from the boys was high on the agenda, yet we wore skirt as short as we could get away with did cartwheels in the playground if the grass was dry, or stood on our hands feet up a wall with our knickers on view to the world.

We always showed our cane or slipper marks off too but some girls (not me) were a bit shy of showing them to boys. If I'd been caned of slippered with a boy, we'd compare our marks as soon as it was safe to.

Cartwheels and handstands were more a primary school thing but, in senior school I'd often sit on the ground with my knees up and I wore skirts even shorter than I could get away with. I never worried about boys seeing my knickers in senior school, I think I was more concerned about it in primary school so it is strange that we happily flashed our knickers off doing cartwheels and handstands there

My mum used to check my skirt length by making me bend over and if my knickers showed it was too short and I had to pull it down, you might guess after leaving the house the hem went right up again.

My mother often had to leave for work before I left for school so I could quickly change into a shorter skirt after she left. Other times, I just used the usual trick of rolling the waist-band but I could never make it as short as I wanted to.

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If you still need a little "motivation" from the slipper...I could possibly lend a hand! Lol! Thanks for sharing.

A spanking with a shoe.. LMAO.. Having never been spanked with a shoe I can't say much about it, but it still sounds like a funny thing to use to spank kids..

It was a traditional punishment in English schools.It was a training shoe of its day as worn in the gym. Nearly every classroom had one in a cupboard usually from size eleven onwards and in the right hands left you with an extemely sore bottom

I went and did some research on it.. Was curious of what it looked like.. Wasn't a picture of it other than something that looked like a house shoe.. I hate a caning so it had to be better..

It's a shame yall banned it..Maybe the country should vote on it and bring it back. People that are so anti corporal punishment need to realize something.. Kids can go all the way to graduation without getting their rear busted at school.. Just gotta behave.. I know lots of people who never saw the paddle..

I certainly got my rear busted with a slipper and got caned as well. Did you see the paddle?


At home or school

At school

The school paddle has always intrigued me. Was there a routine involved and what happened, plus, why were you their in the first place?

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Great story must have been very embaressing for the boys being slippered by a female,you dont describe her, was she attractive?

She was in her mid forties I would think, attractive possibly to the boys and as for embarrassing for them, my hubby reckons it would have been a pinnacle in their education.

If my school sent notes home I would have done my homework sitting on a cushion.

i did not do my home work and the school sent a note to my mum so when i got home she sat down and told me off and said you will do your home work every day or i will make you do it she pulled down my shorts and pants put me over her knee and spanked me hard every day after i had to sit at the table and do it if not i got another spanking