My Second Slippering,

My second slippering took place a few weeks after the first.

I wasn't a really evil kid, but I was a chatterbox, a meddler, and a fidget, and I frequently got into (minor) trouble with teachers.

On this occasion, I decided to have a laugh with some boys in my group by drawing a (very inaccurate!) picture of a naked woman with huge boobs, and surreptitiously passing it round the six lads. It was quite successful in its effect in that it elicited quite a bit of suppressed giggling. Unfortunately, one of the lads passed it over to a curious girl at a nearby table (hoping, I think, for a shocked response).

The teacher's attention was quickly alerted to the fact that something was going on, the picture was intercepted, and I was speedily identified as the originator.

Taking me firmly by the ear, Sir led me to the front of the class where he announced that, "Here is a boy who likes drawing pictures of naked ladies". Again the white gymshoe was produced, he sat down, and after hitching his trouser leg, he hoisted me over his knee.

At this point I felt a strange combination of embarrassment and excitement at the thought of having my bottom smacked by Sir in front of the rest of the class, boys and girls, a feeling I hadn't experienced on the previous occasion.

He gave me three hard whacks, and they hurt, but I didn't cry. As I returned to my seat my bum felt hot and sore, but this soon faded to a not unpleasant warm glow.

The girls in the class clearly regarded me with some distain, whereas among my mates I was considered to be something of a hero.

That was the last time I was slippered by that teacher.

From that time on I always experienced a little frisson of excited pleasure whenever I was slippered, witnessed other boys being slippered, or heard others' accounts of being slippered or caned.
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"A hero to your mates"would indicate you were not properly punished for mine ..sorry but that is my opinion...but thanks for the story

Well, all I can say is that there was plenty of verbal support from them later, at break. Perhaps 'hero' is the wrong word. I was just trying to differentiate the response of the boys and that of the girls to my punishment. As I didn't even cry, perhaps the punishment was too mild, as you suggest, but whatever other feelings I may have experienced at the time, the whacking did hurt, and I certainly wasn't looking for a repeat encounter with that gymshoe any time soon after.

I thank you for the reply....I do think Sir did you a diservice ...we both know I think that you should have been in tears after your slippering

I certainly should have!

When you saw other boys get it,did they cry and clutch their bottoms?

Generally they did cry, they ALWAYS clutched their sore bottoms.

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