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The Pe teachers were the ones that used the slipper the most. They use to really whack your bum. Do anything wrong in games or PE and they said the dreaded words "I will see you in the changing room at the end of the lesson." That only meant one thing.....the slipper.
The slippering could not be escaped once this statement was made. It was always the same drill. You had to take your shorts down and bend over. A large leather slipper was then whacked a cross your bare bum. t made no odds if you were 7 or 13 it was really cracked across you. Some of the young ones nearly fell over when the slipper made impact on their little bums. I got it loads of times and it stung like hell. The best thing was, ahike not being in trouble myself I often saw a line of boys taking their shorts off in turn and bending over and getting their bum whacked. If not in trouble myself I always found this amusing more so when they stood up and i saw the two big red slipper marks on their white bums
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In the school I attended the slipper hurt more than the cane. It was given across thin PE shorts by a young, strong PE teacher who wacked as hard as he could. A raised welt was left which turned into a bruise.

It;s certainly not unusual for the slipper to hurt more at the time than the cane, although the effects of the cane often last longer.

A gymshoe applied to a thinly-clad backside by a strong right arm certainly hurts! Hoiwever, I found that the cane caused a more penetrating kind of pain, and its effects certainly lasted longer in my case.

I found its a different type of pain. The cane really burned, the slipper stung a lot but also caused a duller bruise type pain.

I agree - the pain was of a different nature. I have to say, however, that in my experience the pain of a slippering tended to fade relatively quickly, whereas after a caning your backside could burn for hours.

I agree burn from the cane lasted longer than from a slippering but I don't remember it lasting for hours, maybe as much as one hour.

Well the experience of each of us is likely to be different with so many variables at play.

I found it tender sitting down the next day from both the cane and slipper.

I found that the pain/soreness generally faded pretty quickly after a slippering, whereas some residual tenderness might remain the day after a caning.

That obviously would depend on the severity of the punishment initially.

Of course - there are many variables at play in comparing such punishments.

i always found the effects of the slipper only lasted about a day, whereas I used to feel the effects of the cane for a week. However, just to confound my certainties, I had a severe dose of the slipper last year (72 strokes in all) and was still feeling it a week later.

72 strokes - now that is pretty severe by anyone's standards!

the bruise was due to a too thick slipper which did not bend on contact with a boys bottom. A far sharper sting and causing less bruising was the use of a leather sole house slipper with the top cut off. This is what i used as a deputy. Many stated it stung a lot more than trhe cane for a short while on landing and it did not bruise...a red stinging bottom ewith marks going in 4-6 hours

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We got slippered immediately in the gym or on the sports field and the PE mistress really knew how to make it sting. Large groups or the entire class were often bent over in a line for a slippering.

Strength and stamina - that's what all PE teahcers had!

As well as a penchant for slippering naughty girls and boys.

I think that was a prerequisite for being a teacher.

We assumed at the time that PE Colleges (in the UK in the 1960s, most PE teachers attended teacher training colleges which specialised in this subject) ran classes in sadism!

Most of the course was spent teaching them to walk without grazing their knuckles on the ground.

I agree. Rachel's comment reduces the higher primates to the level of PE teachers.

Didn't the PE teachers' aid the metabolic rate, and reduce the chance of obesity? If not it did to themselves, why were they so keen to use the slipper? :-(

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Our PE teacher used to slipper us immediately. On the sports field we always got to keep our knickers on for it but , in the gym of changing room where there were only other girls, we sometimes had our knickers taken down for it. On the sports field, the words "I'll see you in the changing room after the lesson" meant a bare bottom slippering.

I was only slippered over trousers and that was painful enough. Were you slippered over your skirt on the sports field? Being told to "see you in the changing room" must have had held a double dread as you had it hanging over you all lesson, plus I would imagine getting it bare is more painful? Was there much difference in having absolutely no protection, or were the strokes designed to be less severe?

On the sports field we'd be wearing tiny gym skirts so they'd by flipped up and we'd be slippered through our gym knickers. In class our skirts were lifted too so we got it through our ordinary knickers, which weren't quite as substantial as gym knickers, but the PE teacher slippered harder than most other teachers so the extra protection of gym knickers was cancelled out.

The slipper stung so much there didn't really seem to be much difference whether we got it through knickers or bare.

Yes, gym teachers all had strong arms. At my school the gym and sports field were the only places you'd get whacked just for not being able to do something well.

My PE teacher wasn't too bad in that respect. We didn't get whacked just for not being very good at it, only if she thought (usually correctly) that we weren't making an effort.

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Slipperings were a regular feature of PE lessons. It wasn't a proper PE lesson unless at least one (and usually a few) of us got the slipper. PE teachers slippered harder than most other teachers too - they had more practice.

PE teachers also had strong arms and we had little protection. :-(

None at all sometimes.

Never got in on the bare bum - but it hurts enough when you're wearing PE shorts. I found that (male) student PE teachers were some of the fiercest whackers - they were young, strong, and determined to maintain control.

I remember getting a whacking from one such chap. I had been messing about with a stray medicine (?) ball without permission, and was sentenced to a dose of the slipper. On the first stroke I shot up from my touching-toes position, back arched in agony, hands pressed to my burning rear. Of course, I was swiftly ordered down again, and received three more, each one serving to intensify the blistering pain.

The distinct red marks of the slipper were still visible on my bum when I checked at home later.

A slippering never forgotten judging by your excellent description...what age would you have been ?

Thanks for the positive comments - I am glad you liked it. I was surprised how much it hurt. I must have been about 13/14 and I thnk he was only about 22.

I was never slippered over gym shorts, it was always trousers. Surprisingly enough I saw very little slippering done in games or PE. One boy slippered in swimming trunks, and less than an handful on PE shorts was the total amount I saw.

There is a difference between the pain from the cane and the slipper, the cane is sharper and more intense with a deep burning sensation, whereas the slipper was duller in comparison, but still painful and stung like hell.

Some dismiss the slipper as a mild punishment, which theirs may have been, but I don\'t remember mine as mild, they were really painful, as the teacher didn\'t play about he really laid on each stroke with gusto and used the full sole with no miss hits.

In PE we got it through our gym knickers or even bare in the changing room or gym if there were no boys there. It wasn't a mild punishment either!

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i did have the strap once or twice at home, but bit did not hurt so much as the leather slipper. It may be because it was not whacked so hardsd on my bottom, and i do not think i ever had it on the bare was always across my pants. I think the leather slipper certainly stung more than the strap as it whacked a much larger area of the bum and with two whacks the slipper marks were bound to over lap. If the strap was fairly narrow and only got two licks wuth it the marks may avoid each other. It is the slipper landing on an already red part of your bum that really ups the sting

Did you ever get "a sixer" from this P E teacher

no.....the worse I got was four cracked real hard across both bare cheeks. It was agony putting my pants on afterwards as where they gripped my bottom it made it sting a lot more. I HAD NO BRUISING BUT MY BOTTOM WAS VERY RED.

Did you go up and down on your toes in a jig...with nothing else in the world mattering except your red stinging bottom cheeks

i think i grasped my bottom, still nude and tried to stop it stinging. I did move from foot to foot but just the slightest movement of the flesh on my bottom made it sting more. Thw most painful part was trying to stand up after bending over and being slippered. As you stand up the sting increases.

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Do you think the leather slipper stings worse than the plimsole?

no doubt about it. I had the misfortune of having both used on my bum. The plimsole tended to have a rough sole so some of it did not make contact with your bum. the less contact with your skin the less the sting. Plimsoles tended only to have a very thin sole expect for the Green Flash Tennis shoe which us boys called a bum bruiser. That did not sting very much but it left a big slipper shaped bruise on your bum for several days.The sole of a Plimsole tended to bruise at the tip. The slipper always had the top cut off and left a very flexible smooth leather sole. The whole of the sole made contact with your bum. Being flexible it was less inclined to bruise so teachers were freer to rewally crack it across you with much fear of bruising that may cause parents to complain. The slipperwas really applied to your bum leaving it stinging for a good half hour, but in the long term it just left a red mark which faded in about four hours.

So it stung more like a strap by the sounds of it...would that be fair to say

the little 7 and 8 year olds nearly always cried when they were slippered. it was little wonder really as they were whacked just as hard as us older ones. It was the second whack that caused the crying as being young and small they only had a small bum to be whacked and it landed in the same place. As boys got older they tried not to cry and most toughed it out by grasping their slippered bum to reduce the sting. Others tried to get comfort by going into the showers. The slipper made me cry when I was younger but after 10 it did not but it sure made my eyes water

Was crying common?