Hmmmmm... Interesting Concept!

"War is Menstruation Envy"

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Ha! Love that answer bentwood! That's what I would have guessed!<br />
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As for the sn's ... they are what we have to wear when we can't get what we really want to use.

There is NOTHING sanitary in most men's rooms! lol<br />
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P.S. The quote has been around since at least the early 70s...

To answer your question: wut r those? <br />
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Yeah, well, ummmm.... peeking into the men's room... ummmm, never really one of my top fantasies... <br />
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You probably don't even have sanitary napkin machines in there!

Only in the really high class bathrooms. You should check out a male bathroom at a rest stop. If there aren't any cars around, you know it's gonna be empty so feel free to poke your head in and see the damage.

Yeah, well, I've SEEN it on the ladies room walls too... just not that much of it! I was asking if your walls were really COVERED in it like the cliches have it...

Sara, it all depends on where you work...but yes, I have seen that kind of artwork in men's room stalls before.

Seriously, are the walls in your bathrooms REALLY that covered with huge pee-pees and boobs????

well when it comes to bathroom wisdom, women are amateurs. I mean, you probably don't even cover entire walls with drawings of huge peni$es and boobs. How can we possibly take you seriously?

no, not much stuff about "****" or "good times" altho I have seen them... more attempts at humor and wisdom, perhaps.<br />
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And there are only as many "ladies" in the Ladies Room as there are "gentlemen" in the Gents.

What else goes on in a ladies bathroom stall? Are there lots of curses and swear words directed at ****, and lots of "for a good time call: " messages? <br />
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Writing on bathroom stalls seems so unladylike lol

True dat!

Whaddya want, it's wisdom from a ladies room stall!

Hmmmm....not sure I agree with that, but hey, anything's possible, right?