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I'm going to tell you guys my typical sleepover with my cousins. I'm not super super close with them, but we do chat and hang out sometimes, and I used to sleepover a few times a year. Whenever I do, I always try to annoy Jack (4 years older) by wrestling with him. Henry (3 years older) mostly just uses the computer, but joins in the fun later.

I usually start the wrestling fight by punching Jack then putting a choke hold on him, which he easily gets out of by judo flipping me on the mat then carries me up again and puts me in a tombstone position (Yes, I use to watch WWE #TeamOrton <3)He proceeds by not slamming my head, but throwing me again on my back. He then gets on top of me which makes me giggle because of all the fun and tension there was in this wrestling match. And finally comes his TRUE finishing move; "Pussykiller!" He yells and punches his knuckles between my thighs and starts twisting them left and right. It tickled like ******* crazy because of the vibrations from the twisting. I was screaming and might have broke my back from arching it if Jack wasn't sitting on me.

"So do you give up?" Jack asked. I was tired and panting from all the action, but I said no. It was too much fun.
"Tsk tsk you never learn do you? Henry, wanna join?"
"No, busy" Thankfully he said that. I would've died if they both tickled me in the state I was in right now.

Jack lifted up my tank top to show my cute 2pack abs. I giggled as he started to lick my bellybutton for a few seconds and after started to poke around my tummy. I was squirming like crazy and giggling like a crazy old witch. He intensified the tickling by scratching his fingers around my sides, which is one of my most ticklish spots. If somebody even just placed their hand there it will tickle. He was scratching so fast, and although i was liking it, my body couldn't take it anymore so i grabbed his hands to stop him.

"How bout now, Henry?"
"Alright sure, let's get her."

Jack re-position himself by bringing my arms above my head and sat on them, while Henry sat on my thighs.

"Let's start with your cute armpits shall we? Do you want it fast or slow?" (He meant the tickling speed you sickos)

I bit my lip and not answering, knowing that both would be torture. But then something unexpected happened. I expected them to start tickling my armpits, but instead, Henry started tickling my inner thighs, like REALLY inner. I was trying hard to buckle up and down while laughing with tears and sweat all over my body. Jack helped by tickling the sides of my neck and under my chin. Finally, without warning, they dug right into my armpits. I was very close to being finished. My laughter reach it's maximum volume, my body shook as hard as they could, and I felt like I was close to heaven.

"Hey Henry, should we tickle her till she pees?"
"Nah, we just washed the sheets"
So they stopped tickling, and thankfully the sheets were washed because knowing them, they probably would have tickled me till i pissed my pants.

"Did you enjoy it?" Asked Jack
I was exhausted and close to passing out, but managed to say "Hell yeah" with a smile on my face. We ended the wrestling with them pinching my buttcheeks, which they each got a kick in the face in return.

So yeah, that's my typical sleepover at my cousins' place. Enjoy :)
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I hope to be me that tickling your helpless and sensitive underarms

Great Story

Nice my cousin wasn't happy not even secretly when I tickled her!


I got her feet for 20 minutes scribbling over her soles. I had lots of fun!

i bet you did.