An Excellent Adventure

I have previously written 4 lengthy, detailed stories of my husband and my four day vacation at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. It was the vacation of a lifetime. The stories used to be posted as stories, but I decided I would really rather make sure that only my EP friends have access to them. I have cut and pasted them into 4 "friends only" blogs. Please feel free to read them and make comments in that location.

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add me as friend

I am planning for a trip to hedo. Since it requires a long travel I wish to have some chats and get some advices to make sure what all I can expect there... But I am not able to access your blogs... Will you please help me

I already share my wife, but am considering taking a trip to Hedo or Spice in Lanzarote, would appreciate very much if I could be given the trust to be your friend here and read about your experience there.

Would love to read about your Hedo experiences and see all your pics. Please add me and read some of my stories.

oh i must be missed hedonism jamaica..i'll put it in my dream list..yeahh..thanks for adding me

Planning to go to Hedo in May. Would love to read your experiences.

i have read those blogs, i must say you are a talented writer and one hell of a wife! Thanks for letting me read them.

I would love to read about your Hedonism II vacation. I need more to show my wife what women have experienced there. Please add me ?

Me and my wife are going to Hedonism next year for the first time...we are new at the nudist thing and would like to hear your first hand stories. We are somewhat nervous but adventerous at the same time

I would love to read your hidden stories, what I have bee able to read is fantastic.

Would love to be your friend here :-) Please add me...

I went to Hedonism several years ago.

Please add me as a friend. My wife & I have spent time at Couples in Negril (spent most of our time on the nude beach) we didn't know we were so close to Hedonism II. We are very interested in going & we would love to read your stories.

The two of us have been discussing going to Hedonism together, would love to read your stories!

I love Hedonism II. Had my 40th B'Day bash surrounded with local strippers and sex whenever I desired

What a beautiful place... dc peeking in...:-)

My wife and I went to Hedo II just 1983!! I still remember some very sexy goings-on, even though we were both very naive (at that time, lol). Love to read the blog, thanks!

I would love to read your stories. I've been trying to get my wife to go. Please add me.

Would love to hear your"Hedo" stories....and send you some "friends only "tales of mine. Add me?

I would love to be friends and get to read them. Love going nude on beaches, whether they be nude beaches or just remote so there are not many peaople around. Plenty of opportunity to do this on remote beaches here in Australia. Look forward to reading (and seeing! lol) more! Dx

Would love to read your friend only blog posts about it.

I'd like to read about your four day vacation at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica<br />
I Hope you add me as a friend.