Thid Times a Charm!

Well my name is Chelsi and I am 15. My dad Left when I was about 3 and let a new man adopt me..but I still stayed with my biological mom...anywho when I was in 8th grade I met my biological dad and brother. This year when I was a freshman I got to spend a whole day with him. He tried to explain things a little bit but he didn't go into to much detail.  I am going to be a sophmore soon and I just saw him again yesterday. This time we got more alone time and he explained everything and started telling me he knows how I feel and when he started explaining how he felt like an outsider sometimes and like he didn't belong...I just started to cry and he really got to me. He let me know he was going to be there until the end and he knows what I'm going threw. Eventually I even told him about the Eating Disorder and he was really supportive. It was amazing and all those years of praying to god really payed off....maybe not right away but eventually it did and I'm so thankful for that.
Eskimo Eskimo
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2007