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I Got to See My Granddaughter Being Born.

I wasn't planning on being in the room to see my granddaughter being born.  My son-in-law came to the waiting area and told me my daughter wanted me in her room.  I went right away.  I figured I would be there just until she was ready to give birth.  My daughter was almost there.  I thought why is she still in her room, I didn't know that things had changed that much since I had my daughter, that the women give birth in their own hospital rooms.  The baby was almost ready, so I told my daughter I would leave now.  Her nurse said," you don't have to leave, you can stay if you want."  I thought, well my daughter asked me to be here with her and her husband so I guess I'll stay.  I was a little scared of seeing what I was going to see.  I had c-sections with both of my children.  I had no labor with either child.  I sat in a rocking chair in the corner of the room, looking straight at my daughter.  I could see my future granddaughters head coming.  My daughter let out a blood curdling scream and out she came.  I noticed right away that my granddaughters eyes were already opened and looking around.  Within a few minutes, I was holding my beautiful grandbaby.  I had a very pleasant flashback of when I first held my daughter.  I remember how warm she was and how light pink her skin was, just like my little granddaughter.  I had never seen (in real life) a baby being born and for it to be my granddaughter was even more special.  I remember on the way home that night I wasn't talking very much.  I heard my husband ask me, "Well how was it to see our granddaughter being born."  I heard him ask me but I was so in awe of what I had experienced earlier, I was in my own world, lol.  I don't know how many minutes passed before I finally answered my husbands question.  I realized that I hadn't answered him, so I said, "It was beautiful!"  Thats all I could say, "It was beautiful and so special!"  That was six years ago but that memory will never be forgotten.  I love being a grandma.

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 8 Responses Aug 17, 2008

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Hi wiseowl, I think it's probably one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My daughter did suffer from post partum blues though. I had to go to her home everyday for about 6 weeks after the baby was born. My daughter was so afraid to be left alone with the baby. So everyday my husband and I would go and stay with her until her husband came home. After the 6 weeks she just suddenly got better and started doing things all on her own. I'm glad to have been there for her. I also had my mom there for me. Both my daughter and granddaughter suffered from stomach cramps because of the formula they were on. Once we finally figured out what was wrong, the formula was changed and things straightened themselves out.

That was so sweet and rewarding for you..Grandma's turn into a mommy's natural.We feel our own birthing experience.We recall our special day & the instinct kicks in.I've heard of new Mom's that cannot bond with their baby. How terribly sad. I'd have killed for my baby , like most Moms. I'm glad you shared this precious experience.

Hello wib, I totally agree. Since I had c-sections with my children, it was a special extremely moving experience to actually see my first grandchild being born!!! Thank you for commenting.

Fabulous story TexasLily. One of the most moving I've read in ages. A fantastic experience for you. I remember the birth of my own daughter like it was yesterday. It is a miracle and I think midwives say that it never gets old and tiring ... each new life is equally miraculous to them too.

Well AndThereYouAre, GOD did, C-section, lol!!!! I still say I lucked out. Yeah, the surgery did hurt afterward but I'm sure it was nothing like having this huge thing coming out of my vagina!!!

You'd think God would invent a way for this not to be painful...

I used to babysit children for a few friends, once my children started school. I grew to love those children with all my heart that I would have adopted them if they ever needed a home. Two of the little girls that I used to watch came over the other day to visit. It's so nice of them to still think of me. They are still very special to me and always will be. I realize that if I couldn't have my own children, I would have adopted and still loved them as my own!!!

LOL, why is that Mosaic???