Good Bye Every One!

Hello every one this is who I am. It was nice to getting to know every one with various kind of interests groups. It was pleasure to get to know every one. I think it is time say who I am. My name is Jitmi Gemma smith from The Netherlands. I am a PHD student and the main reason I was here was my research. And it is done and my project was finished.

I am not here to criticize any one or their interests. That is who they are and that is what they like. As far as they know what they are doing that is the best. Honestly the photo with the boobs was not mine and I am not giving my nudity to the out side world. My apology for that but it was a part of my research. Honestly to say adding that photo got me more than 50 add requests per day. Thank you every for that and I got to know honest people and funny people too. Also I got to know some other side of the life what was more interesting.

Good bye every one thank you for being friends and telling what you like and what you prefer. My account will be deactivating in the coming days! I wish all of you good luck with everything in your life.


Jitmi Gemma smith

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May 24, 2012