Got Super Turned On Today !!!!

Ok so today, I decided to take the city bus to take my son to his school, and there is this sexy female from Honduras, she rides the bus a lot. anyways. so I've seen here before & I thought she was ****** cute & had some nice big ******* & a nice booty. So I talked to her again today. She was flirting with me & showing me pics of herself in her phone. She kept checking out my legs, and it was turning me on. I tried so hard not to stare at her boobies too much. Because I felt I might just go and kiss her ******* and rub my face all over her ****. Anyways, I withheld myself, then when we got on the bus I sat right next to her. & I gave her some of my gum. I wanted to ask her for her number but she is married & in person I am a bit shy lol. But in reality I am a horny freak, but I get shy. When she was getting off, I kept looking at her tramp stamp & that ***! She was wearing a yellow tank top and her big ******* were showing cleavage. yuummm. She wore white jeans. Her *** aint too big and round but its good enough for me :) I started at her & I felt my ***** getting alll wet and warm and tinglyy... omggg/ Yeah so that's my experience today !
kinkywife93 kinkywife93
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the best of both worlds, **** and ***** ! mmmmm

You should ask her. Don't be afraid... life is too short. All she can say is no. Maybe offer to buy her a cup of coffee and see where it goes.

love watching people on busses realy fun and sometimes very sexy

Fabulous sweetie