I'm not sure that I want to share my story because I am paranoid that someone will recognize it and figure out who I there a "I'm paranoid" experience I can share?  I was and still am quite hurt because af a betrayal against me by a close family member.  A parent in fact.  As I parent I firmly believe you should always be there to support your kids and do your best to maintain a close relationship with them.  I cannot fathom how a parent would not want that.  Im sorry for this cryptic post but thats about all Im willing to share on here. 



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We always seem to expect others to be perfect.... if someone has betrayed you, consider how you betrayed others. Why did you do it? If you could take it back, would you? How can you make it right? Then admit that humans do terrible things to each other, forgive them, but don't forget... the one good thing that can come of being betrayed, is that you don't allow yourself to betray. That being said, there are some seriously mentally ill people out there - if their illness is destructive to you and your life, protect yourself or get away from them.

I share your paranoia. ;)<br />
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It's really annoying because there's a lot I'd like to share on here.