My Sister Smelled Illegal Drugs!

Folks are quick to call me a liar but now at least there is the truth.  My younger sister recently came for a visit with her mother and she stopped by my daughters house to see my grandchildren and not only did she find the house filthy and stinking she smelled marijuana on my daughter and in the house.  Understand that my daughter smoked weed while her children were at home!!!  I had told concerned people that my daughter was a weed head but I was being hateful and spiteful.  HA!!! I know that she's an addict but she has always gotten high while the kids were in school.  Apparently the problem is worse now because she's exposing the kids to it physically.  I know that her friends come over to her place to specifically smoke weed and I have gotten on all of them about it.  There's been intervention time and time again AND she had done two stints in rehab and my daughter STILL won't stop hurting her children.  I didn't know that it had gotten to the point to where she is abusing with her kids at home.  This is an entirely new situation and I'm not sure what I can do other than reporting her and risk having the kids taken away and placed in foster homes which is what happened before and they were horribly abused and tortured.  My daughter SHOULD have filed charges but she didn't and I am still angry with her about that too.  She even welcomed the women who abused her kids into her house around her children and they were terrified.  I wasn't there but if I had been they wouldn't have set one foot in that yard.  I defend my grandchildren and their mother doesn't.  So now I'm not sure how this will play out.  My sister will surely have spread the word about what she's found for all the good it'd do.  I would very much like to take the kids for spring break and get them away from what's going in that house for a few days at least but I just don't have the money to do it.  I recently was able to get involved with them again after not having access to them for 11 months and when I asked them what they wanted to eat I was given a list of food.  Apparently they were hungry and didn't have food at their house.  I spent all that I had feeding them cause I wanted to give them whatever they wanted.  My oldest grandson seems to have needed the most.  His list had pancakes and eggs and such.  No junk food but real food and I felt bad that they didn't have food like that at home.  I don't want to rock the boat like I used to and risk not getting them for another year so for now I'll chill out and I will take them as often as I can and give them at least a couple of days of a clean home, quiet stable environment, and plenty of food and no bad things.  Their mother is a drunk too.  Those poor children.  The things they are forced to suffer! 

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1 Response Mar 6, 2009

well done for being there for them they will remember that to in later life. what you could do is speak to social services annonimously and get advice on whether if you did tell them bout your daughter would you be aloud to have the kids untill she sorts herself out!? or ask her if she needs help looking after them you have them for a week then she does etc..