I Really Did Lol

I met up with a few mates at the Wetherspoons pub yesterday and we got pretty drunk. I lost count how many sambucas and wkds I had and I'm a massive light weight as well because of the medication but I had a really good laugh. I laugh so much when I'm with my mates it makes my rib hurt lol. We were in the pub until it closed and some of my mates went home by taxi. I decided to walk home so my best mate Ben decided to walk me home to make sure I was safe. Man I was so drunk I could barely walk aha we had to keep taking breaks because I was falling over so much. I really needed to sober up so decided to have a chewing gum to see if that did anything but then I ended up swallowing the thing! I started to panic because I haven't eaten anything solid for two months so I was having a panic attack and everything. My mate was pretty worried so he decided to take me back to his place because it was closer. I kept heaving because the thought of having something solid in my stomach made me feel ill but eventually I threw up. Luckily, he wasn't that grossed out and was patting my back to comfort me. It was really sweet. I felt a lot better after that and we eventually got to his place. He has two dogs and one of them is a cute little puppy, I want her aha. After chilling out for a bit I passed out aha and he had trouble waking me up but when he did, we caught taxi back to mine. I didn't get home until about 5am aha. Was a really good night but paying for it now :) I won't be drinking now until my birthday so that's in a weeks time :)
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You are so very lucky that you are ok . The drinking and your medication could have put you in a situation that you would not have liked. But I am so glad that you are ok . Your friend