What Is Love

I know you always say "don't get me anything" , but I couldn't resist.  This little guy is just waiting to give you a great big hug!  Valentine's Day is not an easy day for you and I thought this bear might make you smile.  I love you, sweet woman, you make my life so rich.

For My Love

Love is when.....

I can't stop thinking about you.

When I see you or hear your name, my whole world lights up.

When you smile, I smile

When you laugh, I can't help laughing.

When you cry, my heart breaks and I cry.

I feel what you feel and I know it is love.

When you never leave my mind.

When I go to sleep smiling because of something you said or did earlier in the day.

When I look at you everything wrong suddenly turns right.

When I touch you I get that "feeling" and I know it's love.

What is love??......

....love is all of the above.

LOVE is you!!

Your favorite lawman  loves you Giggles;)

TrprBadass TrprBadass
41-45, M
8 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Hey Brook, don't tell me you don't have a pair of those shiny bracelets...remember who you're talking to! Wicked fun runs in your family :)

Oh good lord, you two are incorrigible!! Shiny bracelets, indeed :O Lol, this is so sweet Trpr and you are right, she is sooo wicked...but you must admit she's alot of fun :)

Woman you are soooo wicked! but I like it !!!

Oooooh, sparkly shiny bracelets! (puts wrists out) Take me away! hahaha

Hmmm......I think you've hit on a winning idea! You know it's against the law to touch a trooper while he is in uniform, little girl. I believe the penalty is one week in said troopers custody!

You aren't going to arrest me for that are you??? hahaha I love you too!

It is easy to love one as beautiful as you. You have stolen my heart lovely woman.

Oh my, you certainly ARE my most favorite lawman!!! Thank you for my Teddy, I can't wait to hug him ;')<br />
The poem is soooo sweet......I don't know what to say......you have this bad habit of leaving me speechless, young man! I'm so glad you are in my life, I am truly blessed!!!