My first job ever. The place I work at currently is Dairy Queen. I'm posting an experience here to sort of vent about my frustrations at the moment. A job is a job and it's not supposed to be fun, I get that. But it's a job i've grown to dread. To be fair i'm still being trained, and I have no problems asking questions and doing what I need to do in following orders. I'm still getting accustomed to the menu and the stress of being under a rush and what not.

If there is one thing i've noticed about this place is that their training sucks. Maybe i'm exaggerating, but it feels inconsistent with what i'm being taught. Granted no one's perfect on their first day, but my co-workers each do their tasks differently. If one co-worker tells you how to do things and gives you a tip, you rinse and repeat and voila. However the next day you come in and do it again, a new co-worker will tell you that you're doing it wrong and will re-teach you how to do it 'their way'. It's kind of aggravating, but I keep reminding myself that it is temporary.

It also sucks to feel and subtly know that you are the weak link. Like I said i'm new at this, but some co-workers don't even want to work with new people. It just gives me another reason as to why i'm more inclined to leaving the place instead of actually trying like I was before. I still do try my best, however.

I get along with most of my co-workers so far, I work with a lot of girls, and mostly from the ages of 17-21. And you can expect there to be a lot of unnecessary drama. I don't have an issue with any of them on a personal level. But I hate it when some of them hog all the work. Some of the girls multi-task and that's fine and all. But they do 5 different orders at once to save time and i'm just lingering around asking if they need any help with anything whatsoever. The answer I usually get is "I got it." or "No i'm good." I think that kind of irritates me a bit because i'd still like to gain some more hands on experience, but because i'm new they don't want to waste anyone's time or supplies. Which makes sense in terms of a business, but honestly it's like I said, I feel like i'm the weak link and i'm getting more discouraged when that happens.

Another issue I have is when I make a treat, but it isn't "perfect" but their's comes out almost the same as mine. Ex: cones. I'm still practicing, but they're pretty good. Some co-workers were even impressed by my first time making them But one girl told me mine was not good or deformed, but her cones came out looking like mine, even crooked alittle! Sometimes I make a treat with maybe too little ice cream, but it was an accident and I wanted to get as much stuff served asap since there's a rush. In the end however it was thrown out because it had "too little ice cream." and the girl who threw it out and had more experience than me re-made it.

My plan for now is to making it through this month and next month. I'm working at this DQ as a part timer, and I do not plan on coming back. I know I could have gotten a more worse or more difficult job. But I really do not like how this place is training me because it's so unorganized and the co-workers can be really rude and can even blame other new girls for being confused on taking on so many new orders. I'm making the most of it, I can't say I care too much about my job at the moment, but I can say that i'm slowly not caring and just still trying to do my best at it. This job was only a means of "gaining more experience" and the experience i'm getting so far is annoyance. But what would you expect working at a fastfood place with young people.

This vent may come off whiny even but I just wanted to post my frustrations somewhere.
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