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May 24, 2010

Was when i graduated from high school. What a sigh of relief came over me once I received my diploma.

I was one of the first people to get theirs because my ranking was high. I wore my high honors medal and was able to sit in the front row. It was cool that if we had family and friends that couldn't be there, they could still see us walk because my graduation ceremony was broadcasted live through a webcast on the school district's webage. 

It was really crowded because the my graduating class was the largest in the history of my high school. Over 650 of us graduated that day. It had to be held at the convocation center of a university nearby. 
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That isn't too bad at all! Most of the time I hear of people getting 2 tickets.

they gave each student 10 tickets.

Wow, you graduated early! My senior year I was done with school on May 16th but the graduation ceremony wasn't until the 31st. <br />
<br />
Because I had a small class (118) they were able to have the ceremony at the school. I really liked the way they did it. They had a tent delivered, a stage put up and 1,000 chairs. They told everyone that the first 1,000 butts in seats got to sit and anyone else could stand. There were no tickets or limitations on how many people any one student could have, but on the other hand no one could come early and reserve seats with coats or anything.