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High School

Growing up in Canada, it seemed like high school was fairly insignificant.
I do not mean in terms of the education received, but the whole high school culture.

I compare my experience to that of my cousins who grew up in the U.S.A.
Their lives seemed to revolve around school. There was of course the football team, marching band, plays, drama, music, drama as well as so many outdoor activities that were centred around school.

We never used terms like Sophomore, Freshmen, Junior or Senior to denote what level we were at. Each year seemed to have some magical, mythological meaning. There were the social events related to each year, be it a prom, dance, trip, outing...whatever that seemed to be spoken of with such reverence that it would be permanantly etched into the memories of those who participated and provide the fondest memories for adults 40 or 50 years after it happened. There were always photographs and yearbook chapters to immortalize the event.

I can't for the life of me figure it out. These events were always looked forward to with the greatest anticipation. Just what happened??

Nobody seemed to give a hoot about such stuff in Canada. School activities seemed to be a bust. Not too many ever attended them, I did not even bother with graduation. I picked up my diploma one day in the summer after I had finished high school. I do not feel cheated because it was not presented to me on the stage in the auditorium by the principal.
Most of us were happy to leave each day in the afternoon. The school seemed to be deserted. The football team never drew much of a crowd, yet in the town my cousins lived in, the traffic would be heavily congested the night of the game. The star atheletes were never written up in our local newspaper. Having toured the U.S. as an adult, every small town newspaper I ever bought seemed to have the bulk of its content devoted to the local high school sports.

Can somebody explain this to me?
Older1962 Older1962 51-55, M Jan 11, 2013

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