A Half-semester Late (shh My Lil' Secret)

I was to graduate in 2000, and I did at Christmas right before the end of the year; but it wasn't easy.

Not because of classes or anything, but because of politics, growing up, and me being a super-lazy procrastinator.

Went to the high school where I was raised, our school was tiny (like 400 students in a generous count, graduating classes were never more than 80 or so a year). Then I decided I wanted to work full-time at Wal-Mart and be home-schooled, which was kind of a disaster; I went back to school due to a deal I made with my dad; and within two weeks of being back in regular school, got sent to alternative school because I had Prozac in my backpack and didn't have the office store it. Came back to normal school in 12 days out of 20 (the alternative school had a point system and I was a model student), and didn't even get through first period before they found a personal web page I created and in it I criticized some teachers and the county school system. This time they sent me to alternative school for 160 days, more than long enough to guarantee I'd graduate before I'd ever set foot in that school again.

So summer occurs, I turn 18, and when school started back up I decided to go to school the next county over because I'm 18 and this neighboring county has no alternative school program. It was hilarious that I had to go to my original school myself to get the transcripts and the counselor there was sooo pissed that I loop-holed my way out them screwing me over!

And in this new school I was a quiet model student...for all of the five months it took me to get my diploma and get the hell out of school!

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Hell no! Though my recollection of it is kinda foggy (seems every time it happens to play I'm hanging with friends and drinking).

Hmmm, sounds kinda like a Revenge Of THe Nerds deal! Oh, ummm, you might be too young to remember that movie series.... :O