Missing College.....

I was just reminiscing about the good old College Days this weekend!  Gotta love Rutgers...great city, good people, great restaurants..and of course the Grease Trucks!!!  How is New Brunswick?  I havent been back in about 2 years....say Hi for me!

mweichman mweichman
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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

Oh man, best years of my life, I agree! I remember the Olive Branch, Corner Tavern, and of course Stuf Yer Face! Never much liked the grease trucks though, I was scared it was unsanitary. <br />
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I still remember long afternoons wondering around downtown New Brunswick, maybe after skipping class or whatever... thinking "damn, I wish I was outta here already", and now I wonder what my hurry was! <br />
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I've long since outgrown that whole lifestyle, it seems, but damn if Rutgers and New Brunswick aren't the sweetest memories for me!