I Got An A!

You name it, and I've had it hit me, fall on me, disappear on me or cheat on me...lol

I was so poor once I had to eat sugar from the bowl at work just to stop from passing out.  I used to share cornflakes with my dog... and neither of us got any milk!  I had no money for electric so the lights and TV were always off.

Like most people I've had a couple of pretty bad relationships.  Some terrible jobs...

Yup, I went to the school of hard knocks... but hey, I passed!  So take that :P

Pricey Pricey
26-30, M
10 Responses Jul 19, 2008

That sounds like a really tough school. Glad I don't teach there!

I wouldn't want to go back to scrabbling around in the dark looking for 50p's again I guess. I s'pose key meters aren't all bad...

Yeah, I was impressed sunny! I had a damned key meter :(

Ok... I think it's all out... thanks for that. Sorry about the damp shoulders...


*Sound of squeaking rubber as Pricey buries head on Bally's shoulder*

Gaaaah ha haaaaaa! xo

*Breaking down...* :(

It would make me feel better...

It's alright, I'm okay! Lol