Naughty Granny

Many years ago when I just entered my teen years I was spending my school holidays at my granny's .
She was a really glamorous lady and many a time I got a nice hard on just by her being in the room with her.
She always wore lovely tweed skirts with no nonsense shoes .stockings and a slip were always worn as well.she used to have all the local girls in teaching them things like cooking.baking.mending clothes.
The house used to be a hive of activity most days.
Well of course being a big grown up teenager I used to get
Up to all sorts of divlement .well I was out in the back yard playing one day when I managed to kick the ball in through the window.gran and the girls were in the kitchen making Appel tarts when the ball landed in the centre of the kitchen table.
All hell broke loose ,gran came to the door screaming and shouting and I was ordered inside so she could deal with me as she called it.
Gran was seething and all the girls were open mouthed
Wondering what was going to I go trembling to face the music to giggles and whispers from the girls.
You are going to get 1 he'll of a spanking young man gran said,ah please. Gran I'm sorry please.enough gran shouted none of your pleading your for it now.get over here and get your pants down.... Now young man.ah please gran.
It was then I realised I was wearing a pair of my sisters knickers.nice pink ruffled knickers...I had brought a few pairs with me that I had pinched on my sister.i used to get dressed up at home on the sly.behind my mom and sisters back. I just loved dressing as a girl. Sometimes I would
Wear her whole school uniform,but nobody knew.
Now I was after being told to get my pants down.oh,god.
Please gran I'm sorry ill pay from my allowance for the repair.please.please......please...get you over that chair now with your pants down...not in front of them I said pointing at the girls...oh god I felt a stinging slap land on the back of my leg.....I yelped while one of the girls was placing the chair in will I get out of this I thought I'm sorry gran really please don't make me take my pants down in front of the girls ..another stinger and get them down now ..Christ.oh my I just dropped them.....well there was uproar the girls went into uncontrollable laughter while gran was in a state of shock.
The head of my penis was peeping out over the waistband of the knickers..good lord said gran we have a sissy ***** here..I'm sorry gran I said I must have put them on by mistake.mistake she said. I'll show you mistake..pull them down to your knees now **** was throbbing tears running down my cheeks and 4 girls splitting their sides laughing...oh lord help me.gran told one of the girls to go in the family room and get her leather strap.while she went to get it I was pushed down into position..I pleaded again and again....the strap arrived and was put to work after 16 on my bare bottom I was howling ..if u keep that racket up you'll get extra with that she proceeded to administer a further 8 stinging slaps.stand up hands on your head gran this stage I started dancing around to try and ease the pain totally unaware my penis was giving the girls a real cool sideshow. Now said gran I'm going to get the girls to dress you as you seem to like as a girl.. It'll be nice for me to have a granddaughter for the holidays.instead of
A boisterous grandson .
One of the girls said will we bring him over to my house to get him dressed? I have everything well need .ok said gran maby you girls would like to help me keep him under control till he goes home and help him to be girley.
That's agreed .... Bring him back dressed........
The girl Aoife.she was only 12 took hold of my penis and started for the door she said reach down and pull up your panties.
We headed across the road to her house the other 3girls in tow when we got to her room they had a ball dressing their real live doll..i ended up in a very short plaid pleated skirt white. Knee highs shoes with a 2 inch heel pink top and an Alice band in my hair. Ok back we go ....gran was very pleased with the transformation ..
From here on Susan.thats the name they gave me........ok. From here on Susan you will do every thing you are told without question or you will be strapped... All the girls can strap you if they think you need it in fact if they want to strap you they can they will also look after that penis you seem unable to control will have to be seen to a few times a day by the look of your going to get a slapping to help you remember the rules.......
Hold out your hand 4stingers on each hand I wasn't likely to forget the over and let the girls deal with that swollen penis..What a holiday... Thanks gran....I'm glad now I wore the pretty ruffled pink knickers................
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And the awesome stories just keep coming. Other than the spanking, I must admit that I would have loved to be in your place

Love your story!
My granny was an Adventist!
She would have had a heart attack if she knew I wore panties!