I Am Not Your Typical Stereo Type Frail Senile Old Granny.

Hello , and greetings to all.

First off, Thank you Miss Harley for this group and for your dedicated work.

Miss Harley and I are friends and I supported her idea to start this group,
I personally know more Grandmothers adopting boys as Granddaughters
and hope they will come forward to share the experiences they have.

I myself have lots to share and am making a effort to do so,
I offer my stories, my advice and support to those seeking it.

GrandestMother GrandestMother 51-55, F 8 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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I just want to say I love her (my gran) with all my heart and will continue to look after her into I hope into a grand old age.Nearly Forgetting,I like you'r stories,very thought provoking.

I have been living with my grandmother eversince I was six years old,that's twenty four years now,she has always called me her little angel and proceeded to dress,bathe,put me to bed her way,with my feminine inclination I have been "Pampered in Panties" quite literally.

Welcome, now I will try this agian! Ihad a Grandmother that felt the same way you do and as her grandson found my in some girls night clothes and shorts and tops with puf sleeves.

...and I will bet Ned, that you secretly loved every minute of it. HUM!

Welcome! I can't wait to hear about your experiences! I have a Blog on Male Femininkity and the Empowerment of Women! It is High time that Women Feminize the Males in their lives! Please tell us about your Experiences wth Male Feminization!

One can only love the "GrandestMother"!

Welcome to our special circle and our unique and rather interesting world.

I would be so honored if your read some of my many many ventures and allowed me to be your friend. Course, I come with a fuzzy old fur ball named Mr. Bud Bear who has been with me since I was 9.

We still share a lot of 'ventures together with our friends from the original Blue Princesses Club. Again! Welcome GrandestMother!

You are the GrandestGrandopa here ...or is that Ned -hummm

Probably Ned or Uncle Gunny?

GrandestMother, could you bring some cookies and donuts for Mr. Bud Bear please. He is very cuddly and loves people like you. He just loves seeing grandmas and mommies dressing boys up.

I could bring cookies and donuts, I could also find a special dress for Bud Bear, but first Bud and I will have to become friends.

I have to meet them.

Uncle Gunny agrees

Hi GrandestMother! This is Bud Bear, you know "theBilly's" Superhero sidekick! Anyway, I don't do much wif my page acuse I use "theBilly's" page, cus, well, it drives him to give me another delicious donut. HUM! Anyway, we are fends! (Specially if you have donuts).

Yea, old Bud Bear can pay you a visit anytime day or night for a donut all I have to do is leave them where he can smell them and he is here for one of my world famus hot chocolates and dunkin donuts. Old Bud Bear is a real ladies man he has Betty Bear beside her self when he pay us a visit. yet we just love the little fur ball-hack, hack oopd there go another fur ball...

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Welcome to EP from me as well. We would love to see your grandson's dressed like little girls. I do fully support and admire you for doing this for them. Could you also add me as a friend too. I have many albums with boys in dresses and other pretty things. The albums could give you ideas. We do look forward to more essays from you. I am friends with Harley as well. She has supported many boys with their dressing and getting them employed dressed like girls and they make great money doing it.

Welcome to EP first of all. I will try to add you as a friend as well. I hope you decide to post some clean photos (please no ****) of your grandson's dressed as little girls as well in a picture album. Also write about how you dressed your grandsons and how they came to like it.

Hello, yes I have many ways to be active here, thanks for the suggestions Melodie13 .

Please add me as I am very special