Sex With My Grandmother As A Teenager Part 3

I started staying with my Grandmother more & more after we started having sex. Basically, every time I spent the night with her we fooled around. She never made a big deal about it. The next most memorable time I remember was another cold night. I had already gotten in bed first, as usual. My Grandmother took a shower & came to bed naked. Her warm body felt so good. She snuggled right up to me & I felt those warm, massive **** against me. Nothing was said & I just started to fondle & kiss them. The sheer mass of these **** were amazing. They just rolled around in my hands. So warm. So soft & smooth. Since the first time we'd had sex, things had become more relaxed & I didn't feel the same anxiety as before. It didn't change the intensity of my hard ons, though. As I continued to suck & knead her huge ****, she began to reach down & rub my swollen ****. Her hands were so soft. She just slowly stroked my **** & rubbed my balls. I was getting really worked up to this point & decided to ask her a favor. I had never really asked before. We had just gone with the flow. I knew she was older, probably almost 70 now, I think. But I really wanted her to get on top of me. I worried if her old knees would allow it. I asked if she minded getting on top of me becuase I had always fantasized having her big ******* llying on top of me to hold & suck as I was inside her. She agreed without hesitation & began to position herself over me. As she put her knee over me to straddle me, those huge, pendulous breasts hung down in front of me. I was awestruck. They seemed twice as big this way. As she reached down & guided my extremely swollen **** head to her ***** lips, I notice also how much her ***** lips hung down. I had noticed they were fairly large before, but now at the angle I was at, I really saw them through her thin grey pubic hair. She rub my precum soaked **** head against them. I shuddered. The she got the head just inside & lowered herself. My God! She felt like warm butter. My whole body shook from the ecstatic feeling of that warm, older **** sliding down my young, rigid ****. I immediately grabbed her ****. I put asmuch of her right *** inmy mouth as I could. I wanted to devour the whole thing! I was so turned on! As she started to slowly ride me, I noticed those big ***** lips dragging up & down my ****. It sent more chills through me. Her tight ***** just tugged & tugged at my young ****. Spreading her juices & creaminess all over my **** like buttering a biscuit. Those big ***** lips just seemed to spread it over my **** like a paintbrush. She was frail enough not to be able to ride me like a younger woman, but the intensity in her body was more than enough to make up for it. I reached around and grabbed her by the hips. I pulled myself up into her as deep as I could. I tried to lessen her work for her. Each time I pulled her against me, I held my stiff ***** deep in her for a few seconds. It was so intense. I couldn't decide where to keep my hands. On those wonderful **** or around her soft ***. I was becoming overwhelmed by it all & knew I wouldn't last much longer. She whispered to me that she was getting hot & was about to ***. She said the bottoms of her feet were heating up as she rode me. My rhythm began to get faster. I could feel her ***** getting wetter. It started to squeeze tighter. She was coming. She started pressing her pelvis down firm against me. I grabbed her hips & *** & met her with each thrust. I couldn;t hold it any longer. I wrapped my mouth around as much of her *** as I could, pulled her hips down firm against me & began pumping stream after stream of hot ***** into her. I thrusted all the way to the back of ***** with each spurt. It seemed like I would never stop *******! With he thrust I could feel her ***** getting overwhelmed with all my ***. It was squirting out the sides of her stretched ***** opening. I had painted her pink walls with all of my hot thick *****. She could not hold all of it. It was running down my balls & on to the sheets. She collapsed on top of me. The weight of her **** was wonderful. Almost too much. But I just layed there holding her with my **** still twitching inside of her. She had milked it completely. When she finally rolled off of me, all of my *** had began leaking out & puddling on my pelvis. She had strings of *** hanging from her ***** lips & pubes. Another unbelievable session with my Grandmother. To be continued......
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all you guys need to get a life

How did you make her have a sex with you? I wanna try it


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