Bloody Onions

I was taking a cooking class maybe 5 years ago.  I LOVE TO COOK.  Anyway, we were making this chicken dish.  Also the class was saposed to be a family bonding thing.  It was made for children, and I was about 11.  So the dish was almost done and all we had to do was grade some onions on the cheese grater.  Well, of course i wanted to do it.  The onion was getting to the point of where it couldn't be grated much longer.  i turned my head and there it went.  The tip of my finger was almost devered off.  I was bleeding EVERYWHERE.  The faces of the instructors was priceless.  It started burning, but we tried to clean it out.  We kept on running it under water, but it just wouldn't stop bleeding.  Anyway we didn't use the onions, but it made for a funny story.

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3 Responses May 16, 2008

that sucks i was cutting up a apple and was close to cut out my finger

haha nice. i am guessing you are good at guitar. i play the drums.

I have a preventative cure for this. Seven years of guitar playing ought to do the trick. My calloused fingertips are so tough now I can't grate them if I try.<br />
<br />
Red onions are very popular these days ;)