Poems On Greeting Cards

You spend hours in Cards store, looking for the one you want.

You walk down the isle, You look up on the racks, You look down, you bend your knee to take a closer look, then you have crouch to look at the row at the bottom.

Your back aches, your knees hurts, your eyes strain it is now over two hours and you have not found the one you are looking for.

At last you pick out the best one around, and the best is not good enough..

You then walk away with just a simple card.....to write what you want...

You only wanted to say " I love you".

It is far better written than printed.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Exactly! I have the same trouble in picking cards every time. A gift/card from the heart is the best thing to give and show the other person how much we love/appreciate them. This post is wonderful, thanks Phil :-)

You are welcome Kelly. Cards are so hard to pick. At times you get so engrossed in reading some sensitive thoughts, that kinda makes you sit in the store.