The Little Plant That Could

I have this little plant in my office. I'm not sure what it is but it showed up on my desk my first week with this company, almost six years ago. It's seen good days and bad but it's gotten bigger and is still green.

Recently I've been filling in for someone who had a baby and brought my little plant "Hairy" with me. Every time someone comes up to the desk I'd hear "OMG it's dying" or "You need to add dirt" and on and on. Finally I got tired of it and brought in some potting soil to fill in Harry's pot. Funny thing is that the dirt I brought was a home project gone wrong. I'd gotten each of my children a tiny flower pot that came with seeds. We spent an evening planting and watered regularly but nothing happened. The pots kept getting moved and some how ended up on my kitchen counter where I kept knocking them over. After doing this a few times and finally into my clean sink, I scooped it all into a baggie and took it to my little plant "hairy".

Found out a few things after doing this.... one, the reason my home project never grew was that we were ONLY supposed to add three seeds to each pot (we used the full package on each) and two, the seeds seem to love Hairy.

Yes, my little Hairy must be a Harriette because we have babies! Tons of little seedlings are sprouting up around my plant and it's way too cute! Best part is they are all going to be little purple and yellow flowers and it will be cool to see what turns out.

Hey this is history folks! I have two black thumbs and kill everything ever... except Hairy and the Hairettes.

mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Mar 7, 2009