I love the way it feels to wear and sit in wet and soiled diapers i love to wet the bed on purpose while in a diaper it is amazing feeling would u agree let me know
Diaper789 Diaper789
22-25, M
4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I love a good wet diaper when in bed too espacilly when it leaks

Love wetting myself, doesn't matter if I'm wearing a diaper or undies and pants. The feeling of wet and warm stays with me all day or night. I especially love the aroma of dried ****. For some strange reason I really have to concentrate on peeing if I'm laying down, but sitting, standing or walking I can just let it flow.

Please tell us more about your experiences?

I like to keep my wet nappy on as long as possible. I love to wet the bed. I always have.