The Most Brainwashing Cult Ever To Be Known.

Both my parents were introduced at an older age, and are married, and are very strong believers of this. I never had any friends, at school or in the congregation. I was the only child in the congregation. I had one friend who lived next door to me, she was my age, but her parents smoked and they were inactive Catholics, so my parents deemed her "bad association" and that their house was "full of demons". I am 15 years old, and I am clear with my parents that I don't want this. They don't understand and think it's a "phase". My mother and I have had very abusive and sometimes even violent arguments about this, which sends my father to tears most times. I've considered self harm, suicide, or running away, but I never had the courage. My mum accused me of having "demons inside of me". I could write forever about this, but I just wanted to thank the writer for writing this, it helps me to know I'm not alone, and I don't belong in a mental ward. And that people who haven't been through this, will NEVER understand how it feels, or what it does. After a lot of research, I believe this is a cult.
I've considered I am only 15, and I am unsure of what I should do. So if you've been through this kind of thing, please contact me. I could use some advice.
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i know exactly how ya feel!<br />
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I was in the same position at age 15 too and it was horrible.. hated every minute of it.. attempted suicide many of times and there's absolutely nothing ya can do besides maybe go stay with some relatives that aren't jw. <br />
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But keep in mind that age 18 is comming up soon and at that age if ya have saved enough cash (join the military, or get awesome grades and get accepted to college) ya can get the hell out of there.. get your own place, a car and start living life!<br />
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That's what I did.. couldn't deal with the parents bs and the religion being shoved down my throat all the time so I moved out and almost immediately the depression started to go away.. It was amazing being able to wake up sunday morning walk out to the kitchen get some food and not have anybody ask "WHY aren't you ready to go to the meeting??????"<br />
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ya can message me anytime if ya want to talk more

Okay, here I go. I'm a Jehovah's Witness. I'm a liberal too. I'm far from narrow-minded. I don't want to convert you. I honestly don't care what your beliefs are. Now thats settled. Maybe hun it was mum, that had the issues. General we don't believe teenagers are infested with demons when they are being rebellious. Now heres a surprise. My mom gave me choice. She said you don't have to accept this religion, do what you think is best. Please don't judge us on just a hand full of ppl. Not all of us think the same way. No we are not a cult. But please define to me what you think a cult is. I'm pretty intrigued at the moment. No arguing, I just want to understand you.

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